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Annoyingly Hilarious Pictures That Will Make People Scream NOPE

Curiosity is one of the human natures. But, because of this unsettling urge to know, see, and experience, we sometimes put ourselves in ironic situations. Curiosity is like a double-edged blade. It can help and also can harm us, depending on the situation. And regardless of age, people still do things that instantly make them deeply regret out of curiosity. Have you ever done something like that before?

Our brain works in a very peculiar way. It can sense the possible outcome of our actions. And, maybe the result is not so good, we still can hear a voice that says: “just do it.” For example, when someone tells you not to open a box, there’s something scary inside. Your brain knows that if you open that box, whatever the thing popping up can scare the sh*t out of you, but you still do it, open the box. What comes will come. Curiosity makes things inevitable. Or another example, we say that we have a list of disturbingly funny pictures here. Think carefully before scrolling down. You can’t unsee it once you see it. But we know that you’ll want to see it anyway, so keep reading and have a good time.

#1 This loaf of bread cut longways

Source: lewROLL

#2 Medium rare chicken? Nope!

Source: Memeulous

#3 Say cheese

Source: lasagnabby

#4 Naturally Carved Pumpkin

Source: restisconfettii

#5 Almost had a heart attack

Source: thrwaway_2110

#6 WTF is that?

Source: yummybaklava

#7 Baking “pies” in The Forest

Source: ultrawesomesauce

#8 So uh, IKEA in Singapore decided to release a completely black hotdog

Source: Currynrice9728

#9 Skin case

Source: LerenX

#10 New urinal concept, designed to prevent all that mess

Source: ThatterribleITguy

#11 Oh God

Source: ElAndrox

#12 That hurts

Source: xHypaaH

#13 Was wondering where they went

Source: Painted-World-

#14 It kinda looks like Christopher Walken possessed by Donald Trump

Source: Thedepressionoftrees

#15 Best cinema ever

Source: __ZEL

#16 A cabbage farm kinda looks like a field of alien pods waiting to hatch

Source: RicRaw84

#17 “Dilation pumpkins” made by the hospital midwives

Source: seafoamglass

#18 My daughter’s bat morph suit 🦇

Source: mountainmorticia

#19 This’s a cat

Source: yungandreww

#20 Oh no

Source: ZMONEY0823

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