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Funny And Clever Responses To Jerks Who Tell People To “Go Back To Your Country”

Even though we’re now living in the 21st century, racism is never gone. It’s been a while since the last time racism made it to the headline in the newspaper, but that doesn’t mean people have completely given up on discriminating against others. Maybe it’s not that intense and on a large scale like in the past. However, people still show some actions and words that imply discrimination.

Barriers are indeed falling apart, and we are heading to a brighter future, where everyone is the same and equal. But somewhere out there, people are still judged for their nationality and race. We’re working on it, but it’s still long till the day all that discriminations disappear in the mind of people. So here we are, discussing how to deal with jerks when they tell people to “go back to your country.” This question was posted by Redditor u/godfatherdoh on Askreddit, and so far, it’s attracted tons of hilarious and clever answers. We have selected some of the best ones to show you in the list below. Scroll down and have a look at them now!

#1 Sorry, I don’t understand what you say

Source: Jikal

#2 Never thought of this

Source: LuluBello

#3 Well played

Source: Confident_Elephant_9

#4 Knock it off

Source: Similar_Craft_9530

#5 I’m back

Source: Shadoboy07

#6 Now I understand why they said ‘punishment’

Source: BlitzBaseKyle

#7 Nowhere to go

Source: Trolling_For_Peace

#8 That’s sad but true

Source: hoopKid30

#9 Where do you want me to go?

Source: rabengeieradlerstein

#10 Sometimes in life, we have no choices

Source: Refugee_center_guy

#11 Bravo, man!

Source: DangerousVirus3814

#12 100% success

Source: jnefzen

#13 Those people are just bad, so ignore them

Source: Ashi_Woof

#14 Nice move!

Source: penny_can

#15 *sniff sniff*

Source: thenakedapeforeveer

#16 Didn’t see that coming?

Source: MemerMafia

#17 After you

Source: WizardyBlizzard

#18 Don’t even think of it

Source: aqcmme

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