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20 Weird And Hilarious Truck Spills That Are Hard To Believe

Being traffic participants, we will never care what the big trucks are transporting. But when we have a chance, I’m sure that no one ignores it. Sometimes, the truck crashes give passers-by a lift with fascinating stories. They are the escapes of odd products out of the truck detention. Some are shocking, while others are perplexing.

Have you ever witnessed a van crash that makes a thousand baby chicks spill out of the truck? It can be easy to clean and collect if these naughty kids don’t move. But ironically, they never obey you. While you try to gather the chicks to continue the bad working day, the local villagers around are looting them, which makes you mess up. If you’re not this poor driver, lucky for you. Now, scroll down to check the list of 20 underprivileged spills happening on the highway.

#1. Tons of chocolate

Source: CGTN

#2. Over 2,000 piglets

Source: On Demand News

#3. Just need some charcoal and gochujang sauce

Source: nationalgeographic.com

#4. Dead whale explodes

Source: nbcnews.com

#5. That causes a headache for the government

Source: businessinsider.com.au

#6. Time for lunch

Source: kknews.cc

#7. Floods field with fish

Source: abc7amarillo.com

#8. eh? eh?

Source: craftbattles.blogspot.com

#9. If it happened in summer, we would have a meal with fried eggs

Source: carnewschina.com

#10. Enjoy the beer party

Source: karapaia.com

#11. Grab your sandwich

Source: cbc.ca

#12. Watermelons! NOo!

Source: thewaterman

#13. Fish heads

Source: thewaterman

#14. Overturned ink-carrying tractor-trailer paints the town red

Source: geeks3d.com

#15. Nothing like a broken heart to bleed ink

Source: tumblr.com

#16. Pork sausage spill

Source: jsonline.com

#17. Pizza party

Source: arkansasonline.com

#18. Creepy tomato sausage

Source: zen.yandex.ru

#19. Naughty kids

Source: dailymail.co.uk

#20. A happy ending

Source: brandonsun.com

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