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20 Of The Spiciest Tweets That Have Mastered The Art Of Surprise

Sometimes, people need a whole plan and lots of preparation to surprise somebody. However, it actually doesn’t take that much to wow our brain. Like, within 280 words limit, people can create all kinds of funny stuff that can make you roll on the floor laughing. That’s how Twitter does. People share everything here. Personal experiences, opinions, political perspectives, and many of those tweets are pure gold. No matter what topic they are about, people can make those tweets sound surprisingly excellent.

And the more you go into it, the more you’ll see that shorter tweets seem to have the highest quality. It may be a short story, but it features an unexpected turn that can make you burst out laughing. It turns fast and hard, and you’ll feel a bit guilty for laughing. Here we have collected some of the spiciest tweets featuring unexpectable plot twists for you to enjoy. Scroll down and check them out now!

#1 Worst taste ever

Source: kaayycee_xo

#2 Foreal

Source: apvrilina

#3 Naturally glossy lips

Source: Love_bug1016

#4 *snuffle*

Source: abbygov

#5 My daughter can

Source: maskaraa_

#6 Oops! Wrong one…

Source: ColdHeart_Prj

#7 Power of Moms

Source: Soaringeagle45

#8 Seriously! Are you mad at me?

Source: DedwinHedon

#9 Better teach them early

Source: YupThatsLo

#10 *awkward silence*

Source: MrLarsonLHS

#11 Every day

Source: lrtr17

#12 Too tires to walk on my own

Source: shelbytheclown

#13 Sweet revenge

Source: LouGarza86

#14 This’s mind-blowing

Source: KylePlantEmoji

#15 Never?

Source: ColIegeStudent

#16 Still waiting

Source: Beloved_Ekasi

#17 Poor daughter

Source: EndhooS

#18 Stop being so dramatic

Source: ChamboSlice

#19 Yes, so cute

Source: dusty_bun6o4

#20 Can you believe?

Source: KeetPotato

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