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Secrets Behind The Scenes Of Working From Home Efficiently While Kids Are Around

Do you enjoy your new but familiar workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic? Everyone believes that their work-from-home will be a sunshine and rainbow world because we can save time from commuting to work for sleeping. But it’s just what we think, we don’t know a range of tremendous storms we’re going to face, especially, when you have kids. As school closings continue, you must do parenting while being teachers, and friends of your children.

Surely, having no laughter of the kids, many of us will struggle with feelings of boredom during social distancing. But do you make sure that you can handle all of the above duties while performing well at work? Check out our gallery of funny stories and experiences from parents during lockdown with kids. Scroll down to enjoy them. As parents, surely you will giggle because there is a lot of truth here.

#1. Let go of him!!

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#2. Wanna replace?

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#3. “Let us in!!”

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#4. Rest in peace

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#5. It’s too normal to be a horse

Source: puddinhead2U

#6. I’m smiling

Source: dailymail.co.uk

#7. It’s in a formal meeting…

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#8. Be safe!!

Source: MiltonBroome

#9. I know the Corona-Virus is scary, but try working with a 4-year-old dressed like Spider…

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#10. The best remote work experiences

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#11. Childhood wall

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#12. Everything’s fine

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#13. Play with the floor, buddies

Source: BDStanley

#14. Separating

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#15. I’m trying to ignore him

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#16. I’m on business

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#17. Whatever it takes

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#18. The upper is enough

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Source: businessinsider.es

#20. The price of the boring

Source: tardiusmaximus

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