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22 Hilarious Pics That Prove Your Expectation Can Never Be The Reality

We are living in the Era of Information technology when everything can easily be bought just with a few clicks on the smartphone. Of course, buying stuff online has been very common for a long time. But until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were stuck inside the house, it has become a worldwide syndrome. We can’t directly see the goods, as result, in some cases, the items we purchased were far different from the photos posted on the shop’s sites.

It’s not enough. Life treats us with lots of lies, making us laugh till the tears run down our faces. Be careful of everything you’re gonna see because you will never know the truth behind them. Trust me, reality never cares about your expectation. Scroll down to check out the hilarious snaps taken by the poor victims. And if you have already been in such situations that get your hopes down, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

#1. It’s stainless steel, not “stainnope” steel

Source: RumHam88

#2. One SERVING per day. One serving = 2 gummies. They aren’t lying

Source: jenwaite

#3. Don’t rock climb with that rope

Source: Bierrr

#4. Lies!

Source: Bierrr

#5. Such a cute girl!!

Source: Bierrr

#6. Bed bath and beyond sits upon a throne of lies

Source: strums

#7. Where is the second one?

Source: mcfleury1000

#8. That bacon looks so sad

Source: victorius21

#9. You got me this time, IHOP

Source: finaldi

#10. Contains 127% juice

Source: lakieman5

#11. I ordered an alien mask

Source: Russel-Nordeman

#12. Hello Kitty in the first pic – Bill the Cat in the second

Source: looms123

#13. So this is footage from the Jussie Smollett assault

Source: joancallamezo

#14. This is why I have trust issues

Source: imgur.com

#15. I see it almost the same, almost.

Source: alcachondeo.net

#16. Buying a skullcap, but life gave you an alien

Source: alcachondeo.net

#17. Tried to make the Crocodile cake and have come up with a junkie dog.

Source: alcachondeo.net

#18. The best of the year

Source: drollfeed.net

#19. “I leave a lot of tips”

Source: nashiusa.com

#20. “With his girl”

Source: idomu.net

#21. Man, take off your little brother’s shirt.

Source: Maty_20

#22. Don’t believe in your eyes

Source: difundir.org

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