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Absolutely Worst Bosses And Management People Found On The Internet That Can Make Your Blood Boil

People work to earn a living. And most of the time, they hope that they can do their jobs without worrying about all the sh*tty things that may happen at workplaces. However, no matter what kind of job it is, there’ll always be something to make people annoyed. We don’t usually work one job only in our whole life. Good ones will be appreciated, and bad ones will be shamed. And for many people, nothing at work is more frustrating than terrible bosses and management.

No phones during work hours? Fine, go along with that. But employees cannot charge their phones or any devices on their premises? That’s insane! Sometimes managers can implement such pointless policies which do no good for the whole business. And they can even turn the working environment into something stinky and petty. People are sharing the absolutely worst bosses ever on the internet. While everyone else can see that they are being jerks, they simply don’t realize that or just don’t care anymore. Poor the employees who are working for them, we hope that their future will be brighter.

#1 Time theft

Source: DuskTheVikingWolf

#2 Snitch on your server, 25% off your bill, and saliva in your drink

Source: CityBuildingWitch

#3 From Best Buy’s training

Source: TerraTorment

#4 This is just sad

Source: churrundo

#5 I would like one small cup please. No corn

Source: DerektheDev

#6 Feel the love

Source: jimbochimbo

#7 Tilted bathroom break


#8 Later notice is still notice

Source: TerraTorment

#9 Smell check?

Source: nre1313

#10 “Hate has no home here” meets stigma against the poor

Source: TerraTorment

#11 One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss. It’s great here

Source: Rich-P

#12 A greedy boss makes the worst sign

Source: WorriedOrchid

#13 Must replace uniforms worn out thanks to work iPads

Source: missanonymous2000

#14 Nobody is allowed to celebrate Labor Day

Source: Credit-Limit

#15 Pretty sure my boss waited until he was a few beers deep after work to respond to me calling in sick

Source: AdmiralAlphonse

#16 Sighted at a McDonald’s

Source: TerraTorment

#17 This is literally wage theft but okay

Source: TerraTorment

#18 My boss’s passive-aggressive response to my message calling out of work the proper 4 hours ahead of my scheduled shift

Source: ksaph0520

#19 My old boss, whom I haven’t worked for in over a year

Source: Nikkerdoodle71

#20 Weak management at the Cracker Barrel

Source: Pupster64

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