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Leaving After 7 Hours Waiting In ER, Woman Billed $700 For A Never-Happened Health Check

The medical fee is nothing cheap at all. But we have no other choice but to pay for our health. However, can you imagine that the hospital can charge you for your ‘visit’ to this place? Yes, this happened. A woman was billed for a trip to the emergency room, even though she didn’t receive any treatments. This July, Taylor Davis went to the Emory Decatur Hospital ER for a head injury. After hours of waiting without any sign that she would get her injury checked, she decided to leave. That was unimaginable. In any case, no patient should be sitting in an emergency room for the whole 7 hours without receiving any care.

But things didn’t end there. Weeks went by, and all of a sudden, Taylor received a bill from the hospital, the exact hospital where she spent 7 hours waiting in the ER for nothing, and the bill was nearly $700. It’s interesting. She has to pay for no reason. Her vitals have never been checked, and yet, there is the bill. We all know that illogical and ridiculous charges can be added to a service, but nowhere on earth do people need to pay for just a ‘visit’ to the hospital. Scroll down to check out the full story below.


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