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These Baby Characters Can Steal All Disney Fans’ Hearts

Nowadays, when it comes to the most prominent movie empires, it is really such a huge mistake to ignore Walt Disney Studio. It is undeniable that Disney is ruling the words with its famous animated movies. Its films with their engaging plots and the profound lessons they convey have captured the attention of audiences of all ages.

To create the initial premise and lead the audience to the story in an engaging way, Disney filmmakers often insert some scenes in which our protagonists were still kids. Although they only appeared in a flash, these Disney baby characters still leave a deep impression on the audience thanks to their cuteness and mischievousness.

We bet that you still remember the scene of baby Moana having fun on the beach or Jack-Jack happily playing with his siblings, right? If you adore them as much as we do, take a look at these lovely pictures and let us know which one impressed you the most!

#1 Baby Jack-Jack from “The Incredibles”

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Thanks to his adorableness and incredible power, Jack-Jack is definitely one of the most beloved babies in the Disney universe.

#2 Baby Hercules from “Hercules”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Who can imagine that our daring hero could be this cute as a child?

#3 Baby Moana from “Moana”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Ever since she was a child, Moana has shown her strong and adventurous personality. The scene of Moana happily playing in the ocean foretold how great a sea voyager she would become.

#4 Baby Dumbo from “Dumbo”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

With a lovely appearance and sweet personality, Baby Dumbo easily captures the audience’s heart without uttering a single word.

#5 Baby Bambi from “Bambi”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

All the moments of Bambi spending time with his best friend – Thumper make them one of the cutest duo in the Disney world.

#6 Baby Herman from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Baby Herman is grumpy, mischievous and a bit immature, but he can light up the atmosphere every time he appears on the screen.

#7 Baby Tarzan from “Tarzan”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Although he later became a tall man with an incredible strenght, the first impression Tarzan gave the audience was his unbelievable cuteness.

#8 Baby Simba from “The Lion King”

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Is this heartwarming scene of Baby Simba enough to melt your heart?

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