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People Are Sharing Things That Give Them Anxiety, And We All Can Relate

Some people say that being born as a human is a blessing of God. Human life has so many things to enjoy. We grow up, make friends, find love, build our homes, etc. Every moment people go through will make them love this life a little bit more. Yes, but that’s on the bright side. Our lives are so beautiful if we don’t have to deal with one thing – anxiety. But, sadly, you cannot get rid of the thing that defines your very existence.

Sometimes in life, I wish that I was a bird, a fish, or any other animal out there. Maybe my life will become an endless circle of feeding and staying alive, but I will no longer be bothered by that ‘anxiety’ thing. Or being a tree sounds nice, too. If you choose the right place to start your life, you will have a long, happy life, worry-free and anxiety-free. But in the end, we cannot run from this reality, and not just one, but every one of us has to deal with the anxiety every day. Here, people are sharing the things that make them feel unease. And we believe that you all can relate.


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