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Chow Hon Lam’s 30 Comics With Chubby Animals That Are Perfect Treats For Your Day

If you are finding a way to recharge your battery after a long day, this post just takes five minutes to help you inhale some positive energy. We are going to give you thirty adorable animal comics by Chow Hon Lam, a talented Chinese artist with 141K followers on Instagram. He is good at creating cute illustrations for children’s books. Recently, the artist has started his comic series called “Chubby Animals Talk” which tells daily animal stories in a way so adorable and enchanting to see. The main characters include Gator the alligator, Nancy the elephant, Susan the kangaroo, Eric the rabbit, and the Sharks. They have other friends who are both lovely and sweet. 

Through his beautiful drawings, Chow has created a so-cute Animal Kingdom in which even alligators and sharks, who are often known as aggressive and scary predators, turn out to be so nice. We are sure his comics will make your day. Check out the adorable ‘chubby’ comics in the gallery below! If you love our post, please give us a like and share.

#1. Andrew is the best!

Source: flyingmouse365

#2. Sunny, want some watermelon?

Source: flyingmouse366

#3. Going to the beach…

Source: flyingmouse367

#4. Baby Gator and Baby Emily

Source: flyingmouse368

#5. “Can you do us a favor?”

Source: flyingmouse369

#6. “I love the box, thanks!”

Source: flyingmouse370

#7. “No worries.”

Source: flyingmouse371

#8. Do you like them?

Source: flyingmouse372

#9. It takes time…

Source: flyingmouse373

#10. Awww!!!

Source: flyingmouse374

#11. Crying is not bad. It’s OK to cry!

Source: flyingmouse375

#12. “You are perfect the way you are.”

Source: flyingmouse376

#13. “Hmmmm…. sure!”

Source: flyingmouse377

#14. “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Source: flyingmouse378

#15. He is on duty today.

Source: flyingmouse379

#16. “Let’s help him.”

Source: flyingmouse380

#17. I love this!

Source: flyingmouse381

#18. “I need to save Johnny.”

Source: flyingmouse382

#19. “I can help.”

Source: flyingmouse383

#20. Brilliant!

Source: flyingmouse384

#21. Is Darius your favorite character?

Source: flyingmouse386

#22. This is so cute!

Source: flyingmouse387

#23. “Let’s save the ocean!”

Source: flyingmouse388

#24. Thanks, Susan.

Source: flyingmouse390

#25. Happy birthday to you, Lucy!

Source: flyingmouse391

#26. Where’s the rabbit?

Source: flyingmouse392

#27. “Let me try.”

Source: flyingmouse393

#28. “Paper is my treasures!”

Source: flyingmouse394

#29. “Could someone get me a towel, please!”

Source: flyingmouse395

#30. “Do you feel better now?”

Source: flyingmouse396

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