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10 Marvel Superheroes Who Resemble Superman From DC Comics

Superman is everyone’s favorite, no doubt about that. During the golden age, Superman only had a few typical power such as Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Durability, and Super Senses. Those were enough to make him stand out and became the most powerful superhero at the time. But as the DC universe develop more and more heroes came out with more kinds of superpowers. So DC Comics has been adding even more powers to their favorite boy. Then create more versions of him from different timelines, turning him into a multiverse cosmic being with unimaginable powers.


In short, who doesn’t love Superman and wants to read more about him, and that includes some Marvel Comics fans. Unfortunately, there is no Superman in the Marvel universe. However, in Marvel comics some superheroes have some characteristics and powers might just like Superman. Let’s check out whether any of them catch your eyes.

#1 Sun God

Source: Marvel

Sun God comes from Earth 4290001, he’s the leader of the most powerful team from his reality – The Great Society. He is extremely powerful and has a high moral compass. Saving lives and doing the right thing is all that he lives for.

#2 Thor Odinson

Source: Marvel

In terms of power, Thor and Superman aren’t really similar. However, Thor is a flagship superhero of Marvel Comics just like the way Superman belongs to DC Comics.

#3 Wonder Man

Source: Marvel

Wonder Man has nearly all the powers just like Superman. The difference between them is that WM is more self-centered while Superman has his righteous beliefs and ideals.

#4 Marvel Man

Source: Marko Djurdjevic

Marvel Man is also called Miracle Man. Although he has the same kind of powers as Superman, the way he accesses his power is more like Shazam. In mortal form, he just needs to utter the word “Kimota”.

#5 Hyperion

Source: Marvel

Hyperion has the basic core abilities of superhuman strength, flight, and invulnerability. The difference was that Hyperion was not raised by a good-hearted couple but was instead captured and trained by the US Government.

#6 Superior

Source: Marvel

Superior is a hero whose powers were magically derived from a demonic source. The original was a 12-year-old named Simon Pooni. Superior has speed, strength, durability, stamina, and endurance beyond human limits. He can also fly and the power of freeze breath.

#7 Blue Marvel

Source: Marvel

Blue Marvel is an African American who had an accident during an anti-matter experiment, turning him into a living anti-matter reactor.

#8 Virtue (Ethan Edwards)

Source: Marvel

Ethan Edwards’s origin is actually very much like Superman, he’s a survivor of Skrull homeworld. He landed on Earth and was raised by a lovely farmer couple to become a good man.

#9 Gladiator

Source: Marvel

Gladiator was created to pay homage to the legacy of Superman. Gladiator’s powers rely on his willpower. He gets more powerful the more confident he is. He shares the same power attributes with Superman.

#10 Sentry

Source: Marvel

In the beginning, Sentry injected himself with a serum that gave him the power of a million exploding suns which makes him nearly as powerful as Superman. But that incredible power also cost him. He has a bipolar personality disorder.