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Express LOVE In The Style Of Zodiac Signs, Showing In 15 Funny Memes

Love is inevitable. It’s said that love is like spice that can sweeten your life. Indeed, love seems to have a magical power that transforms us, whoever we are. When we fall in love with someone, we have a particular “love signature” that tells how we like to love and be loved. What is your love style based on your zodiac sign?

To an Aries, they never hesitate to show their affection to the one they love. Even though they are angry, they still love you and tell you “hold my fuck hand”. Their saying is so funny and cute, right? Unlike Aries, Cancer is pretty reserved and shy. When they love someone, they just see their phone and wait for a text from their loved one, instead of texting first. Everyone expresses their love in their way, depending on their personality. How do you typically behave in matters of the heart? Take a look at these memes to learn more. Keep scrolling down!

#1 Haha…Tag your bae!

Source: ariesalwayss

#2 Awesome…Who wants to be their lover?

Source: taurus.perfect

#3 They can only wait

Source: cancerperfect

#4 Oops…Poor Cancer

Source: cancerperfect

#5 Suddenly become weak and gentle :v

Source: leo.legacy

#6 Say “I love you” with all people they meet…LOL!

Source: virgoholics

#7 Hey, you! Just stay

Source: libras.society

#8 Always planning romantic nights in the head

Source: libras.society

#9 Their heart is too big

Source: libras.society

#10 Yesss…”I” need to have him in my life

Source: scorpiosaga

#11 Now you’re on the floor

Source: scorpiosaga

#12 Oh…”I’m” so touched

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#13 Their favorite person’s voice on repeat

Source: pisces.meanings

#14 Aquarians love fully

Source: aquarius.sensitivity

#15 What’s your favorite ways to spend time with your lover?

Source: gemini.tale

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