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11 MCU Characters Who Can Give Thanos A Good Run For His Money

In the epic final battle in the movie The Avengers: End Game, we get goosebumps and are amazed at how superheroes’ unity can create such a powerful force. Hundreds of heroes stand together side by side, and their combination of power and will is like a beam of light that pierces through the darkness. That force can withstand and triumph against any evil villain and their brutal army.

However, it is undeniable how powerful Thanos was. With the Infinity Gauntlet, he is unstoppable, arguably the most powerful being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. Even without the gauntlet, Thanos could still fight against multiple superheroes and they can barely make him hurt. Seeing the villain that powerful, fans have to wonder: what would happen if your superheroes could not unite? Can anyone in the MCU be able to stand alone to fight Thanos and even win against him? Luckily, some individuals can fill this role and give Thanos a good run for his money (given that these characters want to fight Thanos to begin with).

#1 Thor Odinson

Source: Marvel

Thor Odinson, almost defeated Thanos with all the infinity stones. He is the God of Thunder and got even more powerful when he awakened his abilities. He would be able to defeat Thanos easily.

#2 Scarlet Witch

Source: Marvel

Scarlet Witch was full of rage in Avengers: Endgame. She is wanted to take revenge on Thanos for killing Vision. She was going to defeat Thanos but he rained fire. In this case, he doesn’t have his army, so Scarlet Witch would tear him apart.

#3 Surtur

Source: Aleksi Briclot

Surtur destroyed Asgard, tossed Savage Hulk aside like a ragdoll, and slew Hela. If that doesn’t make him capable of killing Warlord Thanos, nothing does.

#4 Odin Borrson

Source: Unknown

Odin Borrson – The Allfather is the father of Thor, Loki, and Hela who themselves are extremely powerful. He took away the powers of Thor and imprisoned Hela in Hel. He vanquished Surtur, who devastated Asgard, which was ostensibly a planet, and slaughtered hundreds of creatures on his warpath.

#5 Ego – The living planet

Source: Marvel

Ego – The living planet has half the power to take over thousands of planets across the universe. He could easily destroy Thanos with his matter manipulation.

#6 The Ancient One

Source: Marvel

The Ancient One was the Sorceress Supreme before Doctor Strange. She is the teacher of Doctor Strange. She has experience of many centuries and is very powerful. Drawing power from the Dark Dimension made her so powerful. She would absolutely destroy Thanos.

#7 Hela, Goddess of Death

Source: Unknown

Hela, Goddess of Death could toss uncountable Necroswords at Thanos and slay the Titan. She killed multiple Valkyries and almost broke out of Hel. Even Awakened Thor was defeated by her, albeit he put up a good fight.

#8 Captain Marvel

Source: Marvel

Captain Marvel has a lot of advantages against Thanos. She has a flying advantage as well as immense physical strength and incredible speed. She would be able to defeat Thanos.

#9 Kaecilius

Source: Marvel

Kaecilius also draws power from the Dark Dimension. He also has a lot of experience. His experience and magic tricks will definitely give him a chance to defeat Thanos.

#10 Doctor Strange

Source: Marvel

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. He is also the Master of the Mystic Arts. He stood his ground against Thanos when he held four infinity stones. He would easily defeat Thanos with the Time stones.

#11 Dormammu

Source: Unknown

Dormammu is the Lord of the Dark Dimension compared to celestial bodies. Even without using his powers, he could flatten Thanos with one slap.