30 Hilarious Pics That Show You’re Not The Only One Having A Bad Day

If you are Russian, you definitely know that having a bird poop on you means good things are coming your way? Not only in Russia but also in other countries, bird poop is considered a good luck charm. Another interesting fact is that birds have a color preference when they choose their target. In a study in England, red cars are the most likely to get poop on by birds, followed by blue and black. And birds were less likely to attack green ones. So you know what color are you gonna choose, right?

Besides, many unlucky people having a worse day than you. For example, they saw a tail-broken lizard in the cup after drinking up the last drop of the milk tea. Or the other was attacked by a porcupine. Laugh out loud with 30 hilarious pics of unlucky persons we have collected when their lucky angels went out to play. Feel free to share with us the sad story you have been through in the comment section below. Don’t forget to upvote the pics you like the most and share them with your friends.

#1. Is getting pooped on by a bird actually good luck?


#2. A broken heart


#3. Hhummm


#4. Opps…


#5. Looks like Mother Nature in the door

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#6. Just one way to get back is a fake death


#7. Poor cop


#8. Coolest


#9. Sounds like you and your mechanic are going to be having a long conversation soon

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#10. After a snake bite, a Chinese guy chops off his own finger ‘to save my own life,’ but doctors say it was completely unnecessary.


#11. Flying car


#12. When you ignore the foul taste of morning tea

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#13. Happy ending


#14. Keys inside the armored truck

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#15. It’s his twin on visitation

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#16. “Oh, so someone bites my ass and it’s my fault!?” – Jerk Porcupine

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#17. Don’t have a key? Easy!! Use the sharp humor on this thread to cut the bag free


#18. Let’s pour some concrete

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#19. Home alone cleaning the roof and gutters when I heard a loud bang

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#20. When the wedding bells get to you


#21. Some bird poop on my len

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#22. Spent $11.75 growing tomatoes this year. Here’s my whole harvest!


#23. Dear god where would you even start

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#24. So I started work as a beekeeper last week…

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#25. Control + V

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#26. Took MAC and cheese to a different level

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#27. Well, I guess I’m the chandelier now


#28. Someone at Porsche is getting fired today


#29. I’m laying in a warm, safe, comfy ass bed tossing and turning for 8 hours at a time desperate to fall asleep when there’s motherfuckers who can’t cook pasta without snoozing

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#30. How does it happen?

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