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These Images Will Surely Make Us Laugh-In-Tears When Looking Back On Our Blunder Past

The past is indeed something that makes us nostalgic and even moved because we all reminisce about our images with positive energy, the young appearance, or some unforgettable moments with our ex! However, when it comes to our blunder years, I’m sure that you guys will be somehow frightened and even wanna cry. Our blunder years could be an album of photos in high school wearing very “cool” clothes, or some pics with very nerdy postures!

Let’s take a look at our collection of not-like-anyone moments. And, what do you think about this topic, we’re so happy if you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Thank you!

#1 Me back in 2005… techno interested me

Source: HaxRus

#2 My parents built me across, so I could play Christ in 1998

Source: gabrielreasoner

#3 Middle school was… an interesting time

Source: mikehaawk

#4 Mallrat days.

Source: boinkish

#5 4 going on 40 with this 90s glamour shot

Source: supafly74

#6 I had embraced my nerdy outcast status and went to school like this, sadly the trench coat was soon banned after ’99

Source: WhacksOnAnonOff

#7 I legit don’t even cringe on this one, 2006, I want to learn to channel that spirit.

Source: lizzlebean

#8 My girlfriend’s childhood family picture. She was really excited about being a rat in The Nutcracker.

Source: RipePetunia

#9 I was so proud when I made the yearbook. When I got home and showed my mom she said I would regret that later in life.

Source: chalfantkr

#10 My Husband (right) and his brother (left). Prom 2006

Source: MCclapyourhands1

#11 That year my school photos fell on the day I had to get 2 teeth removed

Source: ErinCookie

#12 I was evidently the reference model for the kid from Up! ~ Circa 1985

Source: charliethegeek

#13 Got a disposable camera as a child and decided to take a selfie. I was very pleased with it after getting it developed.

Source: boatbomber

#14 Unintentionally brought back the heavy-hairspray hairstyles of the 80’s while trying to cope with my receding hairline during my senior year in high school

Source: Superdickeater

#15 10 year old me idolised Avril Lavigne

Source: m3g4nj

#16 I thought I was the coolest cat there ever was.

Source: fromsky610

#17 My poor Parents…Being nice to me back in 1987 during my Billy Idol Skateboarding Phase

Source: MrArms69

#18 Late 70’s. No idea what I was thinking. Made the suit myself.

Source: xxSpeedsterxx

#19 Matronly 40-year old Korean librarian? Nope! Just me, a 12-year old boy.

Source: PlagueLords

#20 Groovy baby

Source: drubinsky

#21 1993 Senior pic, I wore those boots to HS the entire year. Iowa Winter and all.

Source: kleric42

#22 Welcome to my weird childhood.

Source: curioushypnokitten

#23 I wanted to be a child actor so mom took me to Sears for some dope headshots

Source: ryanwosleger

#24 We were allowed to bring an object to hold for class picture day. Some kids used a football, tennis racket, musical instrument… I chose a hamster. It wasn’t even my hamster.

Source: SmartyPanty

#25 My mom just wanted a nice picture in Paris

Source: AmericanDeise

#26 Circa 2010. No it was no Halloween. I was going to the airport. Yes the iron man triangle lit up

Source: rosahhlee23

#27 Senior photo

Source: NavillusHaras

#28 Spent an hour doing my hair every day. Circa 2006

Source: summmmmar

#29 Friend shared this on Facebook; I’m sharing all of her 90s glory with Reddit (with her permission)

Source: Loverlee

#30 I remember thinking I was the absolute coolest chick walking around LA on fam vacation. Circa 2002

Source: sassysauce95


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