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The 15 Most Hilarious Pictures Of Dads To Show That Dads Can Be Defeated By Parenthood

Having children is a big joy and pride. However, many parents say that being a parent is a big challenge. Most people agree that parenting tasks seem easier to moms than dads. However, many dads are also able to take good care of their kids without any help. The best dads ever are those who are willing to have fun with their kids, no matter what the kids do to them. That’s why children tend to prefer playing around with dads.

However, becoming a dad can be subject to many awkward surprises. For any that may come, funny and cool dads are willing to deal with them. Most children are always noisy and annoying and they keep distracting dads from work. But dads will be patient enough to put up with those things. Not only do dads try to have fun with their children but they also take part in kids’ silly games, having his nails and hair done by the daughter, for example. Because of that, their cool and strong images are somehow ruined. But they are all funny and memorable experiences of parenthood that every dad will go through. Below we have collected 15 hilarious photos to prove that big dads can also be defeated by parenthood.

#1 This dad who clearly suffered from parenthood

Source: Awkward family photos

#2 This dad who first time changed a diaper for his child

Source: Sometimes_mama_yells

#3 This dad whose baby spit up all over his face but it also looked like hair gel

Source: sogeking_maza

#4 New dad problem

Source: jahoozawitz

#5 This dad is playing around “happily” with his little kiddie

Source: Awkward family photos

#6 When Chris Hemsworth tried to work out, stayed handsome and looked after his child

Source: Unknown

#7 Another dad who had to workout with some hangers-on

Source: Unknown

#8 This dad who no longer can play games in peace

Source: Unknown

#9 This dad who must be overtired to travel with his cranky kids

Source: Unknown

#10 This dad who can sleep everywhere without a bed

Source: Imgur

#11 Also this dad who decided to take a nap in a baby crib

Source: Unknown

#12 The Rock’s daughter got his makeup ready for work

Source: therock

#13 This cool dad who was the first client of his daughter’s nail spa

Source: Jimmie Walker

#14 This dad who had no choices but to let the daughter paint his face

Source: jtsports12

#15 This dad who wouldn’t help but be proud of his ”Newman clown” look

Source: Paul_Bettany