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10 Disney Movies That Celebrate Their Major Anniversaries In 2021

Founded in 1923 and is closing in on its 100th birthday, Disney has been the beating heart in the world’s animated industry. And when it comes to the success of this studio, we can’t help but think of the classic animated films that helped Disney maintain its great influence and expand its power. Some of them will celebrate their major anniversaries in 2021 and this is definitely a meaningful event for diehard Disney fans.

We bet that you will be surprised to find out how many birthdays this powerhouse is about to celebrate. For instance, do you know that it’s been 30 years since “Beauty and the Beast” first premiered? Feeling old yet?

Don’t hesitate to scroll down to discover the upcoming major Disney anniversaries, and don’t forget to take your time to enjoy these classic movies one more time again either. There’s nothing like reliving the happy moments of your childhood by watching your favorite animations with your loved ones, right?

#1 Dumbo – 80th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

The story of the lovely baby elephant – Dumbo was first released in 1941. After 80 years, Dumbo is still a favorite animated film by many children around the world.

#2 Alice In Wonderland – 70th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Released in 1971, “Alice in Wonderland” is a huge hit of Disney and Wonderland even becomes the inspiration for many other movies and stories.

#3 101 Dalmatians – 60th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

We don’t know if it’s just a coincidence but Walt Disney released “Cruella” on the 60th anniversary of “101 Dalmatians”.

#4 The Fox and The Hound – 40th Anniversaries

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

“The Fox and The Hound” is an animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions in 1981 based on the same-name novel by Daniel P. Mannix. There is an interesting fact about this movie that at the time of its release, “The Fox and The Hound” was the most expensive animated film ever with a budget of 12 million USD.

#5 The Great Mouse Detective – 35 Anniversaries

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Although Disney seems to have forgotten about this movie, the fans of “The Great Mouse Detective” are still happy to celebrate the 35th birthday of this classic animation.

#6 Beauty and the Beast – 30th Anniversaries

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

Surely everyone is familiar with this iconic Disney movie, right? And you’ll be surprised to find out that Belle and The Beast aka Prince Adam will celebrate their 30th anniversary this year. Time flies so fast, doesn’t it?

#7 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame – 25th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

“The Hunchback Of Notre Dame” could be considered as the film containing the most philosophical elements and social issues from Disney Animation Studios.

#8 Atlantis: The Lost Empire – 20th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

“Atlantis: The Lost Empire” deserves to receive more attention with its compelling storyline. Given that Disney is rumored to be planing a live-action remake of this movie, its fans can still expect a breakthrough in the future.

#9 Monsters, Inc. – 20th Anniversary

Source: Pixar Animation Studios

Did you know that “Monster, Inc.” won an Academy Award for Best Original Song?

#10 Moana – 5th Anniversary

Source: Walt Disney Animated Studios

It’s so hard to believe that “Moana” was released 5 years ago. We still vividly remember the feeling of seeing this wonderful movie for the first time.

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