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Elephant Gives Birth In Middle Of Safari, But Watch Incredible Moment Herd Suddenly Charges In

Giving birth is one of the most incredible moments a mom can ever experience. It’s also one of the most secretive, at least for human moms – they’re always squirreled away in a private hospital room, away from prying eyes.

Usually it’s mom, dad, and random hospital staff that first greet the baby as he or she comes bursting forth into the world. But for wild elephants, it’s an entirely different story. The whole herd is there to say hello to their newest little tribe member!

In this video clip, a group of lucky tourists on safari actually got to witness the intimate meet-and-greet as it unfolded. People go on safari so they can get the chance to observe mother nature up close and personal, so of course there was tons of excitement in their voices when they realize they’re getting exactly what they came to see!

In this real-life nature documentary, a mama elephant is standing out in the middle of the grasslands, and she’s right in the middle of giving birth in the drizzling rain. The rest of her herd is keeping a safe distance, because even in the great outdoors mom still needs some personal space and room to breathe! Then, before you know it, her adorable pipsqueak pops out into the world.

There always comes a moment in a brand new mom’s life where she wants to proudly show off her offspring. In this case, the happy mama didn’t have to wait for very long.

It seemed as if everyone from the baby’s great grandma to his second cousins were there to celebrate! The elephant herd quickly surrounded both mom and the baby calf to ooh and aah over the cutie pie, and congratulate mom on a job well done.

But, sensing that tourists were nearby, the herd also formed a protective barrier around the vulnerable little guy. All the adult elephants were very vocal in letting the humans know that they should stay back – way back!

Elephants are very sensitive and emotional creatures, and it’s very obvious from this footage that they’re just like humans when it comes to welcoming their babies into the world. There’s lots of love and elephant trunk high-fives to go around, but they’re also very protective of their little ones, too.

Watch this video to see an elephant herd greet their newest tribe member.

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