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Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Describe The Reality Of Parenting Siblings

Raising a child is not easy, all parents know that. And when the second child comes to life, the troubles are doubled. Every parent will understand how difficult this could be. It’s a blessing if your kids just get along well with each other. However, things are not always like that. The kids. They fight, and yell, and cry over each other’s toys. And not just that. Siblings playing games together seems like a fragile illusion. They can simply turn evil in a second and start fighting at any time. Well, parents’ life is so bustling, huh?

Parents on Twitter are sharing the troubles they have been through when parenting siblings, and they’re all painfully hilarious to read. Kids are troublesome. And parents must have a lot of headaches dealing with their kids. Scroll down to check out those hilarious tweets in the list below.


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