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Artist Combines Disney Princesses With The Actresses Of The Golden Girls And They Are Fantastic

Chocolate and roses. Batman and Iron Man.  Basketball and donkeys. When two wonderful things are combined, you may sometimes create something even better. That’s what occurred when Buzzfeed’s Alicia Herber attempted to combine two of pop culture’s most famous icons: Disney Princesses and The Golden Girls actors.

Alicia, a huge lover of both Disney and the beautiful ladies of The Golden Girls, chose to merge her two obsessions. And the results? It was fantastic! To be honest, the Golden Girls have already been confirmed as Slay Queens, so portraying them as princesses likes a step backward. However, if you like GG, Disney, or both, you’ll want to see this!

#1 Sophia as Snow White

Source: Alicia Herber

May I introduce you to the movie “Sophia And The Seven Boyfriends”.

#2 Rose as Cinderella

Source: Alicia Herber

Oh, we can tell that Rose is in love with that sparkling gown of Cinderella!

#3 Blanche as Belle

Source: Alicia Herber

Blanche would love to play Belle in that lovely gown, but we don’t picture her as the shy girl that Belle was in the movies.

#4 Dorothy & Sophia as Aladdin & Jasmine

Source: Alicia Herber

Dorothy appears to be less than delighted to be playing Aladdin, but Sophia is having a blast on her magic carpet journey!

#5 Dorothy as Pocahontas

Source: Alicia Herber

This is fantastic! With her bold, brave gaze, Dorothy is the perfect candidate to resemble Pocahontas.

#6 Rose as Snow White

Source: Alicia Herber

Just like Snow White, Rose has her heart made of gold!

#7 Dorothy as Ariel

Source: Alicia Herber

Here comes the drama queen!

#8 Sophia as Mulan

Source: Alicia Herber

Petite Sophia looks so cute as Mulan! I bet Alicia likes Sophia very much because she knows her very well!

#9 Blanche as Sleeping Beauty

Source: Alicia Herber

Blanche is enchanting and no one can deny that, but Alicia, please let her beauty rest! She’s already appeared twice!


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