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What If Disney Princesses Had Curly Hair?

Have you ever imagined Disney Princess in a brand new look with her hairstyle or her outfits? In recent years, many artists have added some substantial changes to the looks of Disney Princesses, making these beauties more gorgeous and realistic to modern-day life. And Angela Mary Vaz is one of them.

Angela is a creative artist and young entrepreneur who started Stray Curls in 2017 in Bangalore, India. She grew her Instagram account to 180K followers in just 6 months with Stray Curls. In this project, the artist cleverly added attractive waviness to the hair of the Disney princesses and turned her drawings into hilarious comics. Disney fans go crazy for them and young adults can’t help laughing at them. If you are curious about what Disney princesses would look like in curly hair, just give the following collection a look.

#1 Rapunzel

Source: Stray Curls

If Rapunzel had curly hair, Flynn wouldn’t have met her. Who is gonna pull him up now? And there would be no romantic story for us to watch.

#2 Belle

Source: Stray Curls

Oh Belle, you are so as quick as you are hefty. But we got you, girl. When you have curly tousled hair, a great brand of conditioner is all you need. That’s why she asked the Beast for his secret tip to have such smooth hair.

#3 Ariel

Source: Stray Curls

It’s okay to be odd. Little Mermaid make the trend which is using folk as a comb. Unfortunately, she only nailed it with long straight hair. This time, it’s gonna be tough with her new hairstyle.

#4 Cinderella

Source: Stray Curls

In fact, Cinderella originally has quite curly hair. One of the most noticeably different from her film character’s appearance is bushy bangs which drive her crazy. This flow of the story is kind of funny as it reflects every girl’s problem in a sarcastic way.

#5 Jasmine

Source: Stray Curls

If Jasmine had curly hair, there would be a lot of sand stuck in her hair. To be honest, that inconvenience will cut down her mood for flying with a magic carpet.

#6 Fiona

Source: Stray Curls

Now that Fiona’s dream is not about the Prince charming, it’s all about someone who can cut her hair.

#7 Mulan

Source: Stray Curls

Mulan with curly hair looks more like European than Asian. Do you agree?

#8 Sleeping Beauty

Source: Stray Curls

This is savage. Such a pity for the Prince when he has to see Aurora in this situation. But it’s the problem that every curly-hair girl encounters when they wake up.

#9 Pocahontas

Source: Stray Curls

This picture also brings the vibes of European for Pocahontas. It makes her look so funny.

#10 Elsa

Source: Stray Curls

Savage as hell. Elsa is no longer frozen, she opens her heart to anyone who can refill the conditioner in the bathroom.

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