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18 Hilarious Examples Of How Wrong The Customers Can Be

Humans are not always the brightest. But when they are your customers, they’re right, all the time. The story about stupid customers and their ridiculous demands seems to have no end. And just how frustrating it is when you have to do as they say, no matter how silly it could be. Well, working in service is not easy, indeed.

They say: “the customer is always right.” But of course, we all know that there’re times when they are totally wrong. Like, a customer orders a cappuccino with no milk, no foam, and no chocolate on top. So, is that a black coffee? Absolutely not. It’s still a cappuccino, just no milk, foam, or chocolate added. We feel sorry for the barista who received this order. And also, for all employees who are trying their best to fulfill their duties while keeping a smile. If you cannot tell the customers in their face that they’re fr**king wrong, you can tell us. And here, we bring you satisfaction with a bunch of stories about stupid customers. Check them out and have some good laughs! Enjoy!

#1 Do you know how debit cards work?

Source: linc0lnpark

#2 Perfect!

Source: lisa_anne9999

#3 Oops! Awkward!

Source: T00muchF00D

#4 Well, life-size Jupiter…

Source: Arborealbro

#5 As you wish

Source: ajl5991

#6 Math is math, and it’s hard to understand

Source: sloppiejo51

#7 Who will ever know legos come in pieces?

Source: mbz321

#8 Oh, umm… are you there?

Source: Karlincruzz

#9 Speechless

Source: geekman20

#10 Yes, please?

Source: TaviKae

#11 This “odorless killer” sniffer

Source: Huwbut

#12 Mortified

Source: Bealeionaire

#13 Yes, the chamber of commerce wizard

Source: Rhyddian

#14 What the actual… leaf?

Source: whitemike40

#15 Camara. Camera, Mascara, or Camaro?

Source: dontfearlionhere

#16 Not anymore!

Source: BadSciFiName

#17 Yes, that must be the problem

Source: ehanda21

#18 Oh that’s dumb

Source: ChiefTwoDogsFucking

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