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18 Best One-Liner Comics About Daily Struggles Of Being A Witch That Can Make You Feel Bad For Them

Everyone imagines being a witch means you are powerful, just wiggle your finger or your wand then you can have anything you want. Well, it is probably true but who am I to tell. However, being a witch is more than just magic and scheme. After all, witches are also human, they also have feeling and their own life. Of course, the life of a witch isn’t easy. We aren’t talking about the witch hunt in the 15th-18th centuries which lead to the death of thousands of women in public executions or private murders all over Europe and the UK. That was a straight-up hell-ish nightmare.

We are talking about the daily struggle and funny moments every witch ought to meet once in a while. You know, the equivalent to “Damn it, they sold out my favorite candy bar” kind of struggle. We have collected some one-liner comics from many cartoon artists for you to enjoy and maybe feel bad for these witches, just a bit.


Source: u/SunTzuSaysComic


Source: unknown


Source: Chuckle Bros


Source: Guy and Rodd


Source: Speed Bump


Source: Speed Bump


Source: Bizarro


Source: Scott Hilburn


Source: Bizarro


Source: Maria Scrivan


Source: Bizarro


Source: Bill Whitehead


Source: Jeff Stahler


Source: Close to Home


Source: Strange Brew


Source: Speed Bump


Source: unknown


Source: The Flying McCoys

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