The “Thanks, I Hate It” Online Group Will Show You The Most Disturbing And Ugly Things

Every day, we often come across hundreds of different things – and some of them might make us feel instant anger. And in case you’re ashamed of feeling this way, don’t worry – there’s a whole Internet community dedicated to it, and it’s hilarious.

The subreddit Thanks, I Hate It focuses on by far the most hate-inducing items on the Internet, and some of them are extremely scary. The subreddit has already reached over 1.3 million “haters” and is constantly updated with new and funny stuff. Let’s check it out in the series of photos below!

Added on, if you’re interested in reading more of these funny stuff, you can participate in this group.

#1 Thanks, I Don’t Like Sleeping Like A Baby

Source: JeremyLayt0n

#2 Thanks, I Don’t Like Skin Dogs

Source: BantshireUni

#3 Thanks, I Don’t Like This Photo Of A Seal

Source: 1antojones

#4 Thanks, I Don’t Like Trojan Lady Liberty

Source: stupidoldandy

#5 Thanks I Don’t Like Deep-Sea Fish

Source: Moonlit_Cactus

#6 Thanks, I Don’t Like This Vibe

Source: LittleLostLad

#7 Thanks I Don’t Like Home Alone Now

Source: itrevormoore

#8 Thanks, I Don’t Like Emo Horse

Source: SteveMeans

#9 Thanks, I Don’t Like Brazilian Chernobyl Olafs

Source: EnZeeeRu

#10 Thanks, I Don’t Like Ghosts Now

Source: craig-craig

#11 Thanks, I Don’t Like Fried Chicken

Source: shitheadsteve__

#12 Thanks, I Don’t Like To Engage Ramming Speed

Source: Ol_bagface

#13 Thanks, I Don’t Like Farm Emo

Source: Mmanos316

#14 Thanks I Hate This Music Lesson

Source: Maelarion

#15 Thanks I Don’t Like Chicago Bulls Logo

Source: DenizCamp