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17 Images Captured Food Served In Everything But Plates And Bowls

Some restaurants go so far out of their way to please their clients that they end up ruining everything. Yes, if the meal is presented without suitable plates, things can become a little messy (literally)! We love new concepts, but there is a delicate line between innovation and ridiculousness, and some restaurants have crossed it.

Robert McGinnes’ initiative “We Want Plates” aims to highlight all of the terrible food-serving concepts that restaurants have come up with. “It’s the global battle against serving meals on bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs, and beverages in jam jars,” according to the project’s description.

We’ve selected 17 images from their collection of unusual food dishes that will make you wonder, “What’s wrong with these platters?”

#1 Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition

Source: theirskills

#2 This Rose Flavored Chocolate Dessert That You Have To Lick Off Your Hands! (Miami)

Source: TheFlavorFox

#3 Multi-Flavor Pizza Served In A Tire

Source: fndo84

#4 Breakfast In A Egg Carton

Source: Vastylez

#5 So I Went To Alinea This Weekend

Source: dabuttmonkee

#6 The Croquette In The Iron Mask

Source: izzygomes

#7 How To Drink It?

Source: lmews

#8 Tiramisu In Scotland. Why Sugar The Lid?

Source: NoBid9404

#9 Corn Chips Came In A Rusty Bucket

Source: mezzoforte24

#10 A Glass Of Pasta! Upside Down!

Source: VinWing13

#11 Starter In A Book

Source: deadsocial

#12 Twigs And Moss

Source: jaavaaguru

#13 On A Cleaver…

Source: kolli299

#14 Lunch Served On A Heavy Stone? I Felt Bad For My Server Who Had To Carry It

Source: auxdear

#15 Lunch Served On A Heavy Stone? I Felt Bad For My Server Who Had To Carry It

Source: Xboxben

#16 Kids Food On Dvd-Case (Photo From Restaurants Own Page)

Source: Minion2

#17 My Boyfriends Ice-Cream Came In A Little Metal Tub, But Mine Came In A Little Plastic Wheelbarrow

Source: lazycarrotcake

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