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16 Times People Made Funniest And Silliest Spelling Mistakes And You May Laugh Like A Drain

Spelling mistakes are nothing out of the ordinary nowadays. We can spot awkward spelling errors on a billboard, a signboard, recruitment news, advertisement news, or even on television. Sometimes those spelling mistakes make us laugh because of the disastrous misunderstanding caused. For example, a recruitment advertisement from McDonald’s says: “Hiring smiling faces for afternoon shits.” Who doesn’t laugh at this spelling mistake? Many people say that their hobby is to pretend to be a grammar and spelling police officer. When spelling policemen spot a spelling error, the first thing they do is point it out and correct it.

Making spelling errors (speak or write) is entirely understandable, and it is the thing that makes us human. Below, we have collected 16 of the funniest and silliest spelling mistakes that can make you laugh like a drain. This will also be a reminder to everyone that we should always review the text a few times before publishing it.

#1 Shoplifters will be what?

Source: Captain B

#2 Mcdonald’s must be kidding

Source: Unknown

#3 Illegally parked car will be ”fine”

Source: Aimzies

#4 Are we sure it’s a misspelling?

Source: Secondjar

#5 When a space really matters

Source: NCSox

#6 This took us a moment

Source: Judo kitten

#7 ‘That damn ocean was too salty, wasn’t good for my hair, look at me now!” – Rich Howard, Scuba Diva

Source: 0x12is18

#8 Correct a mistake into a new mistake

Source: enis_with_a_p

#9 This notice is too much

Source: simonesteyn

#10 Did you mean corn&beans?

Source: Tbelle_4ever

#11 Some people spell what they hear

Source: Gary5602

#12 These awful spelling mistakes make laughter come out of me

Source: Unknown

#13 These lady’s cocks are pink and comfortable

Source: Pinkpunkansi

#14 Better than being prostituted, LOL

Source: Provenzor0

#15 Someone really said ” To pay is to exist”

Source: Kikentai

#16 This typo is ironic

Source: TheNewEnnui

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