17 Times People Deeply Regret Spending Money On Dumb Things

Don't drink and drive. And we think that there also should be "don't do anything if you're not sober." Letting your mind go wandering around while making any decision can result in disasters. Or at least the consequence will make you feel deep regret. Sadly, it's easy to fool humans. And every day, we see all kinds of deceiving ads and tricks that can literally 'rob' money from our hands. Even with a mind of 100% percent consciousness, we still do silly things at times. Ironically, people don't even think that there's anything wrong until a notification pops up and says "purchase completed."
Spending money is good for reducing stress and making our minds happy. No wonder why so many people want to go shopping when they feel bored. However, sometimes spending money can only bring more distress. Feeling a constant urge to buy something, but as soon as you completed the purchase, unnamed guilt suddenly came out of nowhere. "God!! Can't understand why I bought that piece of sh*t! Now I cannot cancel the order anymore.'" Well, that must be the most regretful money a person can ever spend. And here, we have a bunch more of such wallet-hurting woeful decisions for you to check out. Scroll down and enjoy a good laugh!


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