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Feel The Canadian Vibes With These Amusingly Interesting Pictures

Speaking of Canada, maple syrups, hockey fanatics, and the everlasting winter will instantly pop up in the mind of many people. And the truth is, those stereotypes rightfully depict the very natures of this land. Dig down into this, and you’ll find out that life here is far beyond ‘usual.’ While almost 90% of the population lives within 150km from the US border, the life of a typical Canadian seems not to have too much in common with their US neighbors.

In this country, you can enjoy three different seasons at the same time. You can find a massive friendly moose casually walking alongside the road. Or encounter some police officers playing water guns with citizens. Don’t be surprised because these are normal things that happen every day in Canada. And here, we have collected some more to show you in the list below. Let’s scroll down to check out these pictures of funny typical Canadian life, and feel their wonderful vibes right now.

#1 Not again

Source: nightowlrr

#2 Typical Canadian thing

Source: remain_unaltered

#3 Canadian police clash with citizens

Source: asdmatt

#4 Well played!

Source: lostboys519

#5 Police in Montreal are refusing to wear their work pants as a part of a labor dispute

Source: godsenfrik

#6 Christmas in Canada is indeed difficult

Source: N8theGr8

#7 We’re living 3 seasons at once right now

Source: goodluck_canuck

#8 LOL!!

Source: GuacamoleFanatic

#9 Canadian victims of theft

Source: lexjac

#10 Police on duty

Source: csaby

#11 Hi! Does your dog bite?

Source: zizz

#12 Meanwhile in Montreal…

Source: DannyB1aze

#13 Legit!

Source: IamFane

#14 Most Canadian thing ever

Source: 6ix_8ight

#15 A sign you’re marching in Canada

Source: IHaeTypos

#16 Such a cute spider? You are forgiven

Source: imgur

#17 By Quite aggressive we just mean they become a hell spawn

Source: Shy_Cryptic

#18 “Hey Can We Use Ur Pool There’s A Moose In Ours”

Source: pancakessexual


Source: garrista

#20 Even the buses apologize for the accident

Source: marching-sparky

#21 The most Canadian picture ever taken

Source: laceandpearls

#22 They waited at the corner on the side walk for traffic to stop. Then used the buddy system to cross when the walk signal flashed…

Source: iknowshanno

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