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22 Hilarious Snapchats That Can Instantly Boost Your Mood

Created ten years ago in 2011, Snapchat has become a popular massaging app among Americans. People use it to keep in touch with others, post images, and also entertain themselves with stories from others. Regardless of the time, there is always something brilliant and funny for you to see. Then you only need to be quick enough to ‘snap’ those moments and enjoy the laughter they bring.

The most distinctive feature of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are only available for viewers in a short time. After that, recipients can no longer see them. That sometimes makes people feel a bit lost, though. You see something really nice and funny, but you can only enjoy the temporary happiness for a while, then it’ll be gone. So, to make sure that those precious gems will not be ‘gone with the time,’ we have captured some Snapchats that we found most interesting to show you in the list below. Let’s scroll down and enjoy your time with these hilarious Snapchats right now.

#1 When mom adds you on Snapchat

Source: Drea-Nor

#2 That’s just sad

Source: imgur.com

#3 What’s wrong with this place?

Source: just-for-grins

#4 Come on, Danny!

Source: WouldYaJustLookAtIt

#5 Right, and it threw up all over your windshield

Source: ausmus

#6 I mean it

Source: saloni

#7 That’s an Impasta!!

Source: unknown

#8 Whatever

Source: Darklyte

#9 Oops

Source: penizpizza

#10 So much brighter

Source: bababerands

#11 Those puppy eyes

Source: digi95

#12 Totally no one

Source: imgur.com

#13 No wonder his eyes are so wide and his mouth is open

Source: unknown

#14 Definitely a trap!

Source: unknown

#15 No. Dave!

Source: cease70

#16 Something small, really small

Source: unknown

#17 Giraffic jam

Source: CiaphasWho

#18 SKRAT!

Source: bobdolan1

#19 No censor

Source: theressomewoodyonyourharrelson

#20 Yeah, almost

Source: MeowMixtable

#21 Oops!

Source: lysolwipes

#22 Dropped a red slushie, made for a good snapchat

Source: b_roasted

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