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Marvellous Disney-Inspired Wedding Cakes That Make You Wanna Say “Yes, I do”

Disney fairy tales have always been the endless inspiration for fans which gives them strong faith in love. Disney romantic couples spread the very special power of love that their fans just want to bring the vibes to their wedding day. It is true that they love the idea of having a dream Disney wedding.

Want to feel happy ever after? Take a look at these Disney wedding cakes, inspired by princesses, Mickey, and more classic characters. Whether you are planning the Disney fairytale wedding or you just want to add some Disney magic to your big day, these Disney wedding cakes will definitely be an excellent suggestion. Each design represents the hope and wishes of the bride and groom for their after-marriage life. And by its look, these cakes are too breathtaking to eat!

#1 Beauty and the Beast

Source: Disney

This wedding cake was inspired by one of the greatest love stories of all time between Beauty and her Beast. At the top, we see their iconic castle, and the gold, white, and red colors truly pop and give an elegant touch.

#2 Carl and Ellie

Source: Disney

Source: Disney

Carl and Ellie from one of our favorite Disney and Pixar movies Up have such a romantic and lifelong love story. So it’s like a compromise of consistency and faithfulness. This cake is really fit for a couple who wants to have a wedding cake inspired by Pixar’s greatest couple! “Up” your plans and dream together for the life after.

#3 Eugene and Rapunzel

Source: Disney

Eugene and Rapunzel have always been a very special couple with their love story. One of the most iconic features of their love is a lantern. Decorated this way, this cake shows a lot of meanings such as there is always hope for love and the most luminous light in your life is your partner.

Source: Disney

#4 Cinderella

Source: Disney

This masterpiece features a-sky-full-of-stars cover the whole cake with Cinderella’s carriage white fondant icing. The layers alternately sprinkle details and a square motif, complete with a golden castle at the top. This Disney wedding cake is truly fit for a princess!

#5 When you have more than one dreamy fairy tale

Source: Disney

Another stunning cake has a similar motif with a pretty castle as its topper. It is a mix of all favorite couples which is suitable for someone who can’t choose one. Its look doesn’t feel like a cake at all. Instead, it’s more like picturesque window glasses in the church. Such a unique design!

#6 Sleeping Beauty

Source: Disney

This extraordinary cake makes a perfect combination of the giant dragon with a dark but gorgeous castle of Sleeping Beauty. We can feel the existence of some kind of evil magic and purity at the same time.

#7 Lady and the Tramp

Source: Disney

We’re not sure if there’s a more romantic duo than Lady and her lovable rascal, Tramp! This Lady and the Tramp Wedding Cake captures that magical scene from one of our favorite Disney films perfectly when they shared a plate of spaghetti, then had Bella’s note.

#8 Mickey Mouse

Source: Disney

If you are truly a Disney fan, this cake is for you! If you and your other half love watching Disney movies together, then this cake is for you as well. This is the perfect cake for your wedding day with heaps of Mickey Mouse’s most iconic ears ever.

#9 Snow White

Source: Disney

Did this cake remind you of the image of a glorious castle in “Snow White and The Seven Drawfs”? This is the castle shown in the end of the movie when Prince charming take Snow White to his castle and they live happily ever after.

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