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20 Times People Almost Paid For Their Stupid Mistakes With Their Own Life

We believe that you must have heard about Dumb Ways to Die – the game that has taken the world by storm. Players’ only mission is to keep the character alive through various dangers. And as the name suggests, those dangers sometimes come from really stupid things. But don’t underestimate them. They may look stupid, indeed, but they are all lethal situations. And you may know, the in-game situations are mostly derived from real-life. That means people really do dumb things that cost their lives at times.

To prevent people from putting themself in danger due to their ignorance, warning signs and cautions are always clear to be seen. But they may never know that sometimes, people’s stupidity is far beyond their imagination. “They say not to do this, it can be deathly. But I don’t believe them so I’ll try this out.” Well, at least they made it out alive to tell their stories. For now, scroll down and check out the list below for more absurd situations like that. And for god’s sake, please don’t try to prove anything, and look both ways before crossing the road.


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