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Hilarious Moments When People Forget To Log Out Of Their Facebook Accounts

We’re sure that no one will ever want to share their Facebook account with others. For a Facebook user, it’s nothing funny at all when another person logs in to their account and post silly things in their name. But, feel lucky because they don’t use your name to scam someone else, or the consequence would be devastating. Falling victim to those hackers is indeed the worst experience, but we cannot do anything about that.

Well, if on some not-so-bright day, your Facebook account suddenly is hacked, you can only blame your bad luck. But sometimes, there is no hacker. It’s just you and your forgetful mind. You log in to your Facebook account, then forget to log out. So, other people just take the opportunity to play a prank on you. Check out the list below and have some good laughs with these hilarious Facebook hacks. Enjoy the unharmed jokes, and make sure to log out of your Facebook account next time when you leave.

#1 And how about that weird hobby?

Source: unknown

#2 Disappointed

Source: unknown

#3 The storm is coming

Source: unknown

#4 No surprise

Source: unknown

#5 Fail

Source: unknown

#6 Some are indeed stupid

Source: unknown

#7 That wasn’t me

Source: unknown

#8 Very clear

Source: unknown

#9 I’m still fat

Source: unknown

#10 Trust me

Source: unknown

#11 Here it is

Source: unknown

#12 Happy birthday!

Source: unknown

#13 Nice move!!

Source: funcrisis

#14 This’s a masterpiece

Source: universitycompare

#15 Wise words

Source: cheezburger

#16 *Speechless

Source: Jessi Lucas

#17 What Apple employees do on their breaks

Source: memecenter

#18 Savage!

Source: Unknown

#19 Never again!

Source: weknowmemes

#20 Tom suddenly decides to broaden his horizon

Source: blamnews

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