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People Who Tried To Shoot Panoramic Photos And Inadvertently Opened The Gates of Hell

I recall how delighted I was when phones gained panoramic capabilities and I can take absolutely tons of photos with them. But, as the saying goes, for every excellent shot, there are ten awful ones, and we’re here for the latter this time.

The operation of panoramic photos is actually rather simple. The camera captures a series of images, and the software then tracks the edges, tone changes, and other factors to stitch them all together in a single image.

So, to acquire a good-looking panoramic photo, choose a stable subject, keep your hands as steady as possible, and shoot. When a step in the process fails, you receive a hilarious collection of images like the ones you’re going to see.

Do you have any to share? Don’t be bashful, post it in the comments section below!

#1 I took a panorama of our living room. Shhh, my cat decided to go through, though

Source: Fallencoffee

#2 Ohhh, I got two girlfriends! I’m a super happy man, right?

Source: JuddJasper

#3 My father-in-law enjoying panoramic mode

Source: Mc Fortune – Cookie

#4 This girl has an ultimate hand

Source: Strid3r21

#5 I took a panoramic photo at a concert and the lights changed in the middle of It. This Is the result

Source: _guppster

#6 My dog is a Cerberus

Source: Pufferchung

#7 The eeriest crawler ever

Source: unknown

#8 My mom moved during the panoramic process. Troll face hahaha

Source: Maddog595959


#09 What happens when your dog comes into your shot?

Source: Pembull

#10 My sister ran through my shot as I was taking a panoramic picture

Source: imgur

#11 Friend tried to take a panorama of her Dachshund

Source: _knoxy

#12 I was messing around with Panorama in class a couple weeks ago..

Source: Kylepeterson051

#13 Let’s swimmmmm

Source: -Skizza

#14 Best selfie shot ever hahahh

Source: 43percentburnt

#15 Taking a shot when my pet come across

Source: Lukeallen1

#16 Just a perfect phantom middle finger

Source: nflitgirl

#17 Is this a real dinosaur?

Source: irrelejuante

#18 Between two lights

Source: Raptor_Protip

#19 Best shot my daughter took for me

Source: Mcphandenmike

#20 “Hots” girl hahaaah

Source: GallowBoob

#21 When you have to pay attention to your main and side chick at the same time

Source: BelleSiemens

#22 My photos at London fashion week

Source: reddit.com

#23 End of the world

Source: Hidreley Leli Dião

#24 The hand of God

Source: trampolinefox

#25 Is it a corgi-pillar?

Source: ceanders

#26 Catch a wave

Source: panoramafail.tumblr

#27 Just move a little bit and you can look like a renowned masterpiece of Picasso!

Source: Newspaper_Edtio

#28 Panorama of London reveals a futuristic 2 wheeled car design, driven by a prosthetic hand.

Source: ducksizedhorses

#29 Panorama fail

Source: unknown

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