Hilarious Internet Burns That Are Too Good Not To Share

Staying low-key is somehow good for us, especially in today's society, where people can stalk you from the other side of the earth. That's the downside of the internet. While you can connect with other people through the internet regardless of time and place, you're also exposed to various problems. And the most common one among them is that you cannot do anything if people turn you into the subject of their gossips and criticisms.
While this may sound not at all pleasant, sometimes the burns are actually amusing to hear. So, in such cases, just let it be and enjoy the entertainment show, like people in the situations below. The subreddit r/rareinsults is where people share the funniest and most interesting insults they've come across. So, let's scroll down and check them out now. These hilarious internet burns will give you a dose of good laughs. Enjoy.

#1 My favourite rare insult of all time

Source: [deleted]

#2 Everyone sharing my apartment agrees with this assessment

Source: mammon-of-lilith

#3 I am speechless

Source: TheGreatSmolOne

#4 On a facebook post about Lil Pump and Eminem

Source: PingusDeathMachine

#5 He is going to need some ice , ice baby for that burn

Source: chevesydolor

#6 I mean, they’re not entirely wrong…

Source: NeckBeardDiscordMod

#7 Can't even think of an insult like this

Source: sickles_and_pickles

#8 Seriously it does look like that

Source: Memphis_Gaming

#9 YouTube comments are savage

Source: Eggsandwich04

#10 On Adam Levine's tattoos

Source: 19jannew

#11 Someone posted a 38 minute ad on YouTube

Source: melan1ght

#12 This kid has a future in roasting

Source: Depressed_Maniac

#13 He’s part of Two Directions

Source: karvina_42

#14 Does anyone ever do this?


#15 Jeff Bezos's laugh like he has all the money in the world... oh wait a minute

Source: woodskull101

#16 What do you mean "observe"

Source: Faithlessness-Fast

#17 It’s so Specific

Source: fatnuts6666

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