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Artist Illustrates Daily Problems She Has As A Girl, Which Is Funny Enough To Any Of Us

When people are about to enter adult life, they need to experience the ‘pre-adult years’ when people, especially girls, will face many physical and psychological problems. During these years, if they don’t have enough knowledge to understand the changes in their bodies, some girls might feel confused, worried, or even stressed. Therefore, the Russian artist Anastasia introduces her illustration series called ‘Stushona’ with a focus on the annoying problems of teenage girls.

Through her illustrations, she hopes to help young girls feel more confident by knowing that the troubles they get are just the preparations that everyone else will experience to be more mature. Scroll down to see her interesting illustrations, and tell us your feeling in the comment!

#1. Girls are scared of everything.

#2. It’s harder for girls to stay concentrated.

#3. “Wake up, pull yourself up and dive on this new day.”

#4. Are you talking to your gadgets?

#5. Fifty shades of emotions.

#6.”Always remember that you have yourself. You will not abandon yourself and will not betray you, and you will not want to irritate yourself either. Pull yourself forward.”

#7. When you can not find the edge of the tape or the meaning of life.

#8. No time for a relationship!

#9. When you are not a singer but love singing all the time.

#10. Some tricks with the headphones!

#11. Sometimes, eating is much harder than we think.

#12. When you are a girl but you can’t cook.

#13. What wakes us up quicker than an alarm.

#14. That’s why the girls draw wide eyebrows.

#15. Going to the hairdresser is such a nightmare!

#16. The price of ‘fashion’!

#17. Funny enough!

#18. Love this!

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