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16 Times When People Take Ingenuity To A Whole New Level

The human mind is incredible. We are just tiny beings on this planet, but we are the most successful species. Our mind is our power, the reason for our success. Physically, we are not the biggest or the strongest. But we have the most advanced brain, with infinite imagination and creativity, which helps us do incredible things. And even in our daily life, we are still amazed by how inventive and clever some people are.

In the past, geniuses invented new machines and changed the very fundamental rules of how the world worked. Humans know well how to utilize and combine the power of their imagination and creativity. It’s not necessary to be the invention of the century. Sometimes, little things can also make a difference. Here we have collected some pictures of people inventive ideas. They can be good and bad, wonderful or just plain terrible. Anyway, the creativity of the minds behind those inventions is admirable. Now, let’s scroll down and check out this whole new level of ingenuity in the list below.

#1 This street lamp has arms

Source: LtMai22

#2 I found a pen and the pen cap is shaped like a cat

Source: BurnsMyWaffles

#3 This USB connector can switch between type A and micro B

Source: labtec901

#4 UV lights burning the room I just cleaned in the hospital I janitor at

Source: boneyardigan

#5 A local bar started using pasta as straws instead of plastic

Source: gary_was_alone

#6 Guess what? That’s fake grass

Source: potatoasseater

#7 Money well spent

Source: yutaka731

#8 This’s pure evil

Source: GoldenDoom

#9 Incredible watercraft

Source: wingstop_wingslut

#10 This book box on someone’s lawn

Source: jordym3

#11 I make drawings using letters and numbers from old typewriters and here’s one of the London skyline

Source: JamesCookArtwork

#12 I found 100,000 pesos (This would be the equivalent of a 100 dollar bill) on the floor, it was actually just an ad

Source: Nickcin144

#13 Nailed it?

Source: mrgarechiga

#14 These stairs in the hospital that tell you exactly how many calories you’ve burnt climbing them

Source: sickomode177

#15 This must be a time traveler

Source: LorenzoXiaoqi

#16 Somebody drew a Mona Lisa with dust accumulated on the truck box

Source: BrianPotato2005

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