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There Is Always A Hidden Boy In Every Man, And These 22 Funny Pics Can Prove That

Being adults is uneasy when we have to carry a lot of obligations and responsibilities. Things are so tough at times, making us feel overwhelmed and wish we could go back to our childhood. And some people choose not to grow up in the first place, even though they’re physically mature people.

You might not believe it, but there is always a hidden little boy in every man, and we call them a man-child. Sounds about fun, right? So can you imagine what a man does whenever their inner child wakes up inside their body? Just scroll down the list below to see all the funny things proving that men never grow up. They just want to play and have fun, no matter how old they are. But we have to admit that having a guy that is young at heart is such an amusing thing.

#1. “My dad keeps placing this around to scare me”

Source: Dennyboy101

#2. When your boyfriend likes to cover your face with all sorts of things

Source: andreouc3000

#3. Love that costume

Source: twoforjoy

#4. Here is what if you marry a man-child

Source: lizzy1028

#5. “Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen, and then…”

Source: Szmanda44

#6. Never grow up

Source: Jay1013

#7. “My mom made the kids dinosaur tails for Christmas but they don’t fit around adult waists”

Source: buttermay

#8. “When I made eye contact with him and smiled, he came up to me and whispered, ‘No one suspects the adult’.”

Source: Derrick_Aspi

#9. “Sister texted me saying she lost her husband at Babies R Us. 20 minutes later, she found him”

Source: ashley_spashley

#10. “My dad thought he was home alone…”

Source: j_piper

#11. Men never change

Source: Legend6999

#12. “My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone”

Source: plutosrain

#13. Spiderman is the witness for the wedding

Source: tbdakotam

#14. He wants to swim with his turtle

Source: LutzTrain

#15. Woo Hoo

Source: DownvoteDaemon

#16. It stormed during the eclipse so the man improvised

Source: djbootybutt

#17. They’re still boys

Source: Jyoung147

#18. He’s not grown up yet

Source: blacktulip64

#19. They brought him this after he knocked over his orange juice

Source: 41149512

#20. He and his cat trying to catch bugs together

Source: Kjl0330

#21. The man ordered this from Thailand

Source: kit_son

#22. He found his child’s onesie

Source: Khadejeh

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