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People Share Hilarious Failures At Their First Harvest

Have you ever thought about a small garden with various types of vegetables grown by yourself? Home-grown fruits and vegetables are healthier than those in supermarkets or grocery stores. You not only have fresh meals but also save an amount of money. And all of the above, the satisfying feeling when enjoying the fruits of your labor is just precious.

But growing vegetables properly is not simple at all, especially when you have no experience. You need to learn many things about the crop, and sometimes, it’s still not enough. You also need to have luck for not failing miserably at your first harvest. No one would like to harvest a small carrot that is even shorter than a matchstick, right?

We have rounded up 20 funny photos of harvest failures that will make you smile. These tiny harvests are so adorable, and you might want to embark on gardening immediately.

#1. “This grape shall produce enough wine to satiate the village for a year! (Normal grape for scale)”

Source: The-Master-Mind

#2. “My precious carrot harvest from this year”

Source: rauwetosti

#3. “Papaya smoothies all around”

Source: darovedo

#4. “It only cost me $200 to grow these”

Source: shakewellbefor

#5. “A tangerine for ants?”

Source: eggsnstencilcrisis

#6. “I too tried to grow my own pineapple, but unfortunately my dad skill isn’t high enough yet”

Source: Cdalblar

#7. “Just harvested an entire bag of lays chips worth of potato!”

Source: stumo13

#8. “The juice is worth the squeeze”

Source: 7bridges

#9. “A single serving of watermelon”

Source: anika-nov

#10. “Blooming onion or onion rings for dinner?”

Source: patchoulitoes

#11. “Very large harvest”

Source: doooleynoted

#12. “It’s spaghetti night, boys!”

Source: anxiouspumpernickel

#13. “First radish from our new garden!”

Source: -lang

#14. “Anyone knows where to get a tiny bottle so I can make the ants some hot sauce?”

Source: goat_puree

#15. “Harvested some tiny bananas”

Source: squatch1217

#16. “About to prepare the meanest salsa with this seasons ghost pepper harvest”

Source: JalapenoStallion

#17. “My only zucchini will surely last us the winter”

Source: shards_of_sanity

#18. “The rains have blessed us with some sweet mangos”

Source: AviOmi

#19. “Everyone gets blueberry jam for Christmas!”

Source: averyaaaples

#20. “Cauliflower for everyone”

Source: melst1008

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