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Horror Villains Make Your Nightmare Come True By Turning Into Disney Princesses

Besides the protagonists, famous movies’ antagonists have also received a lot of attention from the audience lately. Viewers these days really enjoy the side stories of the “bad guys” as well as their hidden corners and their inner depths. Some of the villains are even loved by a lot of fans, such as the clown Pennywise or the psychopath Joker.

An artist named Kate Maxwell is one of those horror villain fanatics, and she also has a passion for Disney animated movies too! Recently, she has brought her two favorites together and released some mesmerizing artworks about horror villains turning into Disney princesses that will totally impress you. Kate’s visually striking paintings contain the macabre images of some well-known villains and the bloody costumes of iconic Disney princesses, and their creepiness is honestly something we can’t explain with words.

Let’s check out these terrific arts and I bet that they will make your nightmare come true.

#1 Horror Princesses are coming to your town!

Source: Kate Maxwell

#2 Princess Pennywise

Source: Kate Maxwell

This princess is sure to give you nightmares every night.

#3 Rapunzel’s Spooky Version

Source: Kate Maxwell

“The Ring” version of Rapunzel. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

#4 Big Trouble in Little China’s Lo Pan

Source: Kate Maxwell

Maybe the fact that this drawing was inspired by Mulan makes it way less scary and it should be.

#5 Princess Leatherface

Source: Kate Maxwell

It looks like that she just experienced a grisly massacre!

#6 Princess Pinhead

Source: Kate Maxwell

I wonder what happened to her head.

#7 Princess Freddy

Source: Kate Maxwell

Do you dare to mess up with this spooky princess?

#8 Princess Regan

Source: Kate Maxwell

This princess will make your nightmare come true.

#9 Princess Carrie

Source: Kate Maxwell

With this bloody dress, Princess Carrie is certainly the center of attention at the prom.

#10 Princess Predator

Source: Kate Maxwell

Watch out Aladdin, I warned you!