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Funny Unexpected Moments That Happened To People During A Test

Back to the time when we were at school, “Our class will have an exam today” could likely be the most terrifying sentence students have ever heard. And then, that was the time for all kinds of rituals and prayers in the hope that the test would be easy. Anyway, what comes, will come. All we could do was to prepare for the worst.

Sometimes, it’s actually not the test that makes students surprised, but the unexpected incidents that happen during the test. Like, while you’re focusing on the exam, a sudden gust of wind literally blows half of your paper exam out of the window, leaving you petrified at the table. Well, maybe that’s the gods telling you that you have done enough for the day, now is the time to get some rest. Anyway, you still have to go all the way down to the ground to retrieve your paper, hoping to get all of them back. Here we have selected some of the most hilarious stories people shared about their unforgettable exam experiences. Scroll down and have a good time reading them. Enjoy!


Source: Sarhad Choudhary


Source: Kundan Thakur


Source: Gordon Bonnet


Source: Shruti Tripathi


Source: Nagaraju Kongari


Source: Ujjwal Kirorimal


Source: Harshal Popat


Source: Ishan R Gautam


Source: Anonymous


Source: Pranay Dubey


Source: Kunal Sharma


Source: Vinay Pratap Singh


Source: Advaith Aduri


Source: Amanpreet Singh


Source: Himanshu Khadloya

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