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Humorous Grandparents That Everyone Wants To Have

For many people, especially kids, having grandparents around means having great partners to discover funny things. Don’t think that elderly people are boring. They somehow are more interesting and creative than whatever you can imagine. They might not catch up with new slang, might be slow at using modern technological stuff, but they have some skills that you can only wish for. Moreover, they can become the best comedians sometimes.

We have rounded up some hilarious examples of grandpas and grandmas who will definitely make your life more amusing. Scroll down below to have good giggles, and don’t forget to visit your grandparents more often. They will never fail at surprising you.

#1. Grandpa and grandma were waiting for each other at the mall

Source: bigred1987

#2. Grandma posted this on Facebook

Source: FrogusTheDogus

#3. He does not want to be in painting class

Source: stephenlloyd_dot_net

#4. “My grandfather used to brag about all the pool parties he went to at his friend’s backyard pool. Just found an old photo that revealed this was the pool”

Source: Garyland2002

#5. 83-year-old grandma made herself a profile picture on Facebook

Source: Goldierenee

#6. “This is the picture of my grandpa… and technically my grandma too”

Source: I_like_meth

#7. Princess Leia and R2D2

Source: moonicourt

#8. My grandma made this cake for her 69th birthday

Source: MorDeCaza

#9. “Found this hidden behind some jars in my widowed, 86 y/o grandma’s kitchen”

Source: L0rdtater

#10. ATM security

Source: mitoyonting

#11. When you forgot batman glasses in your grandpa’s car

Source: AfrikaPanther

#12. “I ordered a Wonder Woman costume online. It was a little big for me when it arrived and my grandmother said she wanted to try it on”

Source: popofcolor

#13. Cheers to being this cool when you’re old

Source: totallynotdoogie

#14. “My Granny knitted a sombrero for my hamster”

Source: Purple_PickleCat

#15. Grandma got bit by a Pelican on the pier and then began to scold it, lol

Source: Schnarf_Shnarf

#16. The resemblance is uncanny

Source: TheOtherOncomingStorm

#17. “Found on a grandma’s camera after a New Year’s cruise”

Source: yes_no_yes_yes_yes

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