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Romantic Disney Scenes That May Make Single Souls Jealous Of

Most of us have our childhood fulfilled with Disney flicks. There could be animal movies, hero animations, or musicals, however, the most iconic are the ones about princesses and princes.

Disney movies always have many ways to inspire their fans, but romance is referred to as the most appealing and has the most impact. Those love stories were the very first ones to strengthen our beliefs in true love. They are also a persuasive example for most girls that there is definitely a prince charming waiting for you and be ready to hold your hand. Eventually, we can have faith in serendipity which is meant-to-be. Let’s spread some love in the air. The collection below is the most romantic scenes of Disney couples that have hit the big screen since the beginning. Let’s admire them!

1. Eugene and Rapunzel

Source: Gfycat

Find someone who’s gonna give you an infatuated look as Eugene looked at Rapunzel when she had her hair braided. In his eyes, she was the only shine in the whole world at that moment.

Source: Shipping Wiki – Fandom

Someone who’s gonna fondly stares at you like the way Eugene did. Despite the dazzling lanterns, Rapunzel seemed to be the most luminous light in his eyes.

2. Mulan and Shang

Source: Gfycat

We will be deeply moved to see the way Shang followed Mulan with his sorrowful eyes when she left. His eyes tell us how grieveful he was.

3. Beauty and the Beast

Source: GIPHY

Beauty and Beast’s relationship affirms that love wins everything and the power of love will surprise us. It can make any human who is in love to break their rules and go beyond their limits. An aggressive beast was tamed and became so tender. Girls should be with a person who’s gonna fondle with your hair like Beast did to Belle. This is literally the most touching love scene ever.

Source: GIPHY

And you all should be with a person who’s gonna get closer to you regardless of all your imperfections. Belle didn’t hesitate to snuggle up to Beast.

Source: Gfycat

There will always be a person who is willing to change their habits because of you, just like Beast was trying to impress Belle when they were eating together.

Source: GIPHY

Believe it or not, there will also be a person who gives you the most comfortable feeling for being yourself. You see, a bloke like Beast didn’t matter to Belle.

4. Kristoff and Anna

Source: We Heart It

The way Kristoff watched Anna tells everything about his pure love for Anna.

Source: Reddit

The way he worried and took care of Anna speaks up a lot as well.

5. Aladdin and Jasmine

Source: Disney

Love at first sight is proved to exist when it comes to the first time Aladdin saw Jasmine. His monkey was like “where did you leave your concentration, dude?!” as Aladdin seemed to totally forget about everything around and time was frozen because of Jasmine’s appearance.

Source: Disney

Of course, the time when Jasmine hold onto Aladdin in her first time on the Magic Carpet shows us how strong her belief in him was.

6. Tiana and Naveen

Source: Disney

We caught cheesy but sweet eyes when Tiana was teaching Naveen to chop the mushrooms. It’s evidence for love’s blossom.

Source: Disney

Get a man who’s looking at you like Naveen looked at Tiana when she sang. It’s the best thing when you are someone’s “Belle Evangeline”.

7. Hercules and Meg

Source: Gfycat

Lastly, all girls deserve a man who is willing to give her flowers and warm kisses. That kind of romance between Hercules and Meg is so iconic. It’s conventional but it’s the definition of “old but gold”.

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