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A Brilliant Artist Demonstrates The Fantastically Surreal Disney Universe In His Magical Paintings

Animated Disney World has been universally known for beautiful characters, meaningful stories as well as a magically surreal world. Those scenarios in every Disney movie got us indulged ourselves in the Disney world while watching.

And, it’s understandable that Disney movies have become an endless source of inspiration for artists and hardcore fans, including professional painter Thomas Kinkade. After having recognized the wonderful landscapes in Disney movies, the artist has created lots of remarkable artworks about theme parks or landscapes from Disney movies. As we can be seen, his works are colorful and splendid than the scenes that we often see in Disney movies.

For more understanding of his works, you can check his paintings below to comprehend these magical scenarios!

#1 Mulan Blossoms Of Love

Source: Thomas Kinkade

As far as we know, the scenarios in Mulan are mainly mountainous views. The artist has drawn grandiose mountain ranges and natural landscapes perfectly.

#2 Little Mermaid Falling In Love

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade did a good job with the painting of Little Mermaid. As for me, his work illustrated the infatuation of Mermaid Ariel and Prince Eric clearly, along with the artistic ocean.

#3 Cinderella Dancing In The Starlight

Source: Thomas Kinkade

The painting demonstrates a blue night of Cinderella and Prince Charming. They are dancing under the starry night that made me astonished.

#4 Pirates Of The Caribbean

Source: Thomas Kinkade

When seeing his painting, I literally felt the vibe of the Caribbean which is a fun adventure filled with memorable moments.

#5 Winnie The Pooh

Source: Thomas Kinkade

The Pooh has been the all-time favorite movie of children so far. Thomas Kinkade has captured the cheerful scenario of this movie with the peaceful landscape.

#6 Pocahontas

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Did you see the breathtaking sunset in the village of Pocahantas? This work leaves me the impression.

#7 Beauty And The Beast Dancing In The Moonlight

Source: Thomas Kinkade

The enormous castle in “Beauty and The Beast” has been familiar to all of us, so the artist has brought this beautiful castle in his painting. This is such a piece of art!

#8 Tangled Up In Love

Source: Thomas Kinkade

One of the most special things in Tangled is her blonde long hair. This talented artist has highlighted her hair as well as enchanted light from the sky. In this painting, the fullness of excitement and possibly love is over the moon.

#9 Sleeping Beauty Dancing In The Enchanted Light

Source: Thomas Kinkade

We see Aurora and Prince Phillip in the courtyard under an enchanted light streaming down from the good fairies. What a romantic scene!

#10 The Aristocats

Source: Thomas Kinkade

How beautiful of the pink sky!

In “The Aristocats” you can see a story of love, family, companionship, greed, betrayal, heroes, and true friendships. Those sentiments are portrayed throughout the painting in the small street of Paris.

#11 Beauty And The Beast’s Winter Enchantment

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Besides the romantic moonlight night above, the artist also created a wonderful view of the winter from Beauty and The Beast. The Beast and Belle are dancing in the snow, I think this set is full of romance and joy.

#12 Peter Pan’s Never Land

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Neverland is the place that always sticks with children’s minds when it comes to Disney movies. I even wanted to live in that place once in a lifetime. This magical painting captured the adventure of Peter Pan and his friends under a brightly beautiful rainbow.

#13 Lady And The Tramp Falling In Love

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Lady and The Tramp is a romantic movie for its love between characters. The artist has made this painting with striking color.

#14 Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Source: Thomas Kinkade

After watching this movie, I truly love the house of the seven Dwarfs. Thus, I am attracted by this painting because he made this too much more realistic.

#15 The Lion King – Return To Pride Rock

Source: Thomas Kinkade

In the painting, the artist created a theatrical setting much more like a feature film. They want you to have a view from the jungle mountains with Pride Rock.

#16 Snow White Dancing In The Sunlight

Source: Thomas Kinkade

This scenario is all about Snow White and The Prince celebrating the defeat of the wicked Queen and the reuniting of true love. They also have the seven dwarfs beside them. This setting definitely makes you warmed.

#17 Mickey And Minnie In Paris

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Walking along together in the small street of the City of Lights. I can see how they deeply love each other.

#18 Jasmine Dancing In The Desert Sunset

Source: Thomas Kinkade

As you can see, a romantic setting glow over the kingdom of Agrabah is the main theme of this painting. Aladdin twirls Jasmine around the palace balcony celebrating with all their friends. Such a joyful moment!

#19 Mickey And Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday

Source: Thomas Kinkade

In this beautiful winter scene, Micky Mouse and Minnie Mouse joyfully skate across a frozen pond along with their friends. That makes the holidays bright and warmed although it is very cold outside.

#20 101 Dalmatians

Source: Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade has transformed the iconic film into a brilliant painting. Roger and Anita share a romantic moment with the accompany of their spotted friends under the London skyline.

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