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18 Chaotic And Funny Posts That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Have you ever heard something really crazy yet funny? Like, is Thomas the Rescue Engine an engine with a human head, or a human inside an engine? Well, the former sounds pretty logical for a cartoon, but the latter is WTF? Doom my childhood. I can’t imagine someone can have this idea in mind. And this is just one among myriad strange things people posted on the internet. So, we just couldn’t help but compile a list of the best ones we’ve seen.

Are you looking for something to kill time? So, you’re at the right place. Check out the pictures of those posts below, and we’re sure that they will crack you up. These weirdly hilarious posts are pure gold to see. But we have to give you a warning that what you’ve seen cannot be unseen. There’s no goin’ back. Anyway, if you’re here already, just keep scrolling down and enjoy your time.

#1 What Thomas REALLY is

Source: nicogongrangus

#2 What balloons REALLY are

Source: joecroucher.tumblr

#3 Volume control

Source: heyxkids

#4 DJ Library

Source: clockworknite

#5 Short language

Source: unknown

#6 What if…

Source: loldodgers

#7 Goofy’s dumb accent

Source: powtothenuts

#8 Discontentment over content

Source: imgur

#9 All the answers at once

Source: unknown

#10 A-round squares

Source: mariapolinaa

#11 The saddest fact of all time

Source: gillianandersons

#12 The last visits

Source: whismical

#13 What’s on the inside that counts

Source: warrior-princess-4ever

#14 Meows around the world

Source: princeofheart

#15 Rhymin’ Simon

Source: sluttyoliveoil

#16 Dumb old English

Source: break-itbrian

#17 What farts REALLY are

Source: flomation

#18 And what Toy Story is really about

Source: sad-memes

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