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13 Times People Found Comedy Gold In Nature Documentaries

As one of many people who love the natural world, documentaries are among my favorite TV shows of all time. I love the knowledge they carry, the magnificent natural scenes, and all the incredibly beautiful faunas and floras. These TV series are purely dedicated to educating about the world where we’re living. Some people may find them boring because of their content, but believe me, they can be much funnier than you think.

Who says that humor is inappropriate for nature documentaries? Think again. Sometimes, those seemingly monotonous wildlife stories can make you laugh hard. That’s true. Unintentional or deliberately, some of them have better jokes than any comedy shows. Like, “you might think you’re safe, but horses are omnivores.” Admittedly, they sometimes confuse the hell out of the audience. But these scientific jokes are pretty funny, by the way. So, let’s scroll down for more of these unexpected comedy gold found in nature documentaries. Enjoy!

#1 That’s weird!

Source: sevensuptic

#2 Can’t help!

Source: speedlimit15

#3 *Panicked screeching

Source: uglyrad

#4 That’s definitely a bear!

Source: alanaisalive

#5 I thought I was the only one

Source: pastabot

#6 Okay, let’s watch it

Source: johnnyjoestarrelatable

#7 That’s so unfair!

Source: just-shower-thoughts

#8 More like Bollywood dramas

Source: tuttieroi

#9 Well, this is satisfaction

Source: the-sun-of-rome-is-set

#10 Coconuts migration

Source: marsincharge

#11 A big WOW

Source: cheeso

#12 Emotional roller-coaster

Source: princess-peachie

#13 Oops! Wasn’t expecting that!

Source: attackofthekillershwees

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