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When Disney Characters Meet Their Real-life Versions, And The Encounter Is Extremely Exciting

As can be assumed, Disney characters could have been animated magical beings so far. Some of you always believe that it is not real because you only see it in movies. Surprisingly, there are many human beings that look totally similar to Disney animated characters. They obviously are real-life humans who have the same body shape, facial features, or even simply the outlook as Disney characters.

If you see these people, you will definitely be mind-blown by their similarities. These characters look as if they stepped out of the movies to join in our life.

Are you wondering how much they look like each other? Let’s take a look at this list below. The resemblance between real-life humans and Disney characters probably makes you astonished.

#1 An old man shares the same facial features as Carl from “Up” movie

Source: Z3F

#2 Someone’s friend looks like Mary Katherine from “Epic”

Source: apbajs

#3 This Scout kid looks much similar to Russel from “Up”

Source: SpoilFlunk

#4 An Asian girl shares some resemblances with Flash in “Zootopia”

Source: SpoilFlunk

#5 An actor Khal Drogo has the same facial expression as Scar from “Lion King”

Source: funnyjunk

#6 Nicky Minaj looks like Mrs. Potato Head

Source: Balarama

#7 Jean Sarkozy and Prince Adam from “Beauty and the Beast” are alike

Source: SpoilFlunk

#8 This boy is similar to Hiro Hamada from “Big Hero 6”

Source: mitchteemley

#9 How amazing with the similarity of My Daughter Izzy and Merida from “Brave”

Source: beealerts

#10 Steve Harvey literally looks like Mr. Potato Head

Source: SpoilFlunk

#11 This Ukrainian Judge looks like Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”

Source: MitryKhitry

#12 The Former Queen of The Netherlands Beatrix has the same feature as Merryweather from “Sleeping Beauty”

Source: funnyjunk

#13 This lady looks like Cruella De Vil from “101 Dalmatians”

Source: bob mercer

#14 Wilford Brimley obviously is the same as The King from “Cinderella”

Source: Bryan Bedder

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