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22 Times People Encountered Drinks Served In Crazy Ways, And They Just Had To Share

Trying to be succeeded is, of course, the aim of any business owner. We highly appreciate their efforts in order to draw the attention of customers. But have you ever gotten your coffee served in a mushroom or a carrot? It may sound strange or even crazy to your ears, yet some places really surprise their customers with weird ways of drink serving. It seems like they try to be creative, but they literally take their creativity a bit too far.

If you know the subreddit We Want Plates, which is for those who want their food served on normal plates rather than stupid things, then here we also have a community named We Want Cups dedicated to documenting pics of ridiculous drink servings. They simply want to have their drink come in cups or glasses, not plastic bags, food containers, or even worse.

#1. A pepper of milk

Source: minareke

#2. Bloody Mary in a box

Source: harryofthehendersons

#3. Unscrew this every time you want to drink

Source: ikeagoddess100

#4. It looks like he’s lifting his leg and shitting blood into your pudding

Source: yellowyellow36

#5. A margarita served in an IV bag with a syringe full of jello shot

Source: anziebananzie

#6. A Carro-latte

Source: i_keep_on_trying

#7. Oreo Shake in a flower pot

Source: lillyofthewaters

#8. Trashy drink?

Source: wednesdaytuesdaythur

#9. A cocktail in two parts

Source: Obeyus

#10. Do you want to have your drink in a baby doll head?

Source: gloomymin

#11. Just why?

Source: Mexicorn

#12. No, thanks

Source: skyjj

#13. Mai tai in used garlic spam can

Source: almostFunctionalLead

#14. Those pans are really easy to tip over

Source: Radiodead31

#15. Portobello Mushroom Latte

Source: TheTinyWenis

#16. A bucket

Source: ICC-u

#17. This cocktail comes in an ashtray with a “chocolate cigar” straw

Source: trev_borg

#18. Drink in a bell

Source: red-gloved-rider

#19. Cursed cocktail

Source: emma_veisegaard

#20. Jello shots being served out of hard-boiled eggs

Source: cladinacape

#21. Hot coffee in a plastic bag

Source: TheXarath

#22. Drink served in a leather bag

Source: sheyneanderson

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