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Crazy-But-True Reasons People Had To Get Divorces

Happily ever after. This is not just a phrase people usually hear at the end of a fairytale, it’s also the hope for a happy marriage of every couple. Of course, a dream wedding and long-lasted marriage is always the final destination of love. However, things can change, so do people. The marriage may be beautiful at first, but due to some reasons, people are filing for divorce now and then.

As the ones who witness the break-up of all couples, divorce lawyers must have many stories to tell. Being a divorce lawyer seems to be like one of the jobs that people can rarely get bored. Each couple is a different story, and hence, there’ll always be something new and interesting to spice up the day. Here, divorce lawyers shared with us some of the most impressive cases they have ever encounter. As surprising as they are, those divorce stories can make you laugh your head off because of their ridiculousness. So let’s check them out in the list below now.

#1 “A couple got divorced over a cat. The wife called the cat Snowball because of its white fur, and she only wanted it to eat wet cat food or chicken breast. The husband called the cat Lily because of the white fur and believed it should only eat dry food. They argued for a year over custody of the cat and did not give a shit about their human kids.”

Source: u/sxcamaro

#2 “At my last firm, a couple did their will with our firm. They were married 40 years total, divorced, and remarried once. The husband wanted us to put in his will that his kids get his entire estate but did not want us to tell his wife. He wanted to make a secret will and a fake will. The phony will would be signed with her present, and then it would be shredded. He would later come in to sign the ‘real will.’ He copied his wife on the email that had all of this information disclosed in it.”

Source: u/PetiteChaos

“Two weeks later, he called us and said he wanted to file for divorce instead.”

#3 “My mom is a family law lawyer, and she told me that a man divorced his wife after she broke her jaw in a car accident because she could no longer give head.”

Source: u/tjc0434

#4 “Every morning this couple would sit in the bathroom together while one of them had their morning dump. One would sit on the toilet, and the other would sit on the edge of the bathtub. This particular morning, the wife was on the toilet and the husband on the edge of the tub. They started to argue about their relationship, so the wife reached down, pulled out her tampon, and flung it at him. He filed for divorce the same day.”

Source: u/terry_thegnome

#5 “One of our clients thought his wife was having an affair. She would actually just go driving around for hours of the night playing Pokémon Go.”

Source: u/deeunit7810

“They still got divorced.”

#6 “I had a client come in because he said the wrong person’s name during the wedding ceremony. The worst part? That wasn’t the first or the last time I saw him. Never have I had so much repeat business from one client.”

Source: u/Here_have_a_downvote

#7 “A woman divorced her husband because he refused to treat her like how Christian treats Ana in Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Source: u/MysteryGirlWhite

“I am not kidding.”

#8 “I was involved in a case where a lady was pursuing a case for ‘unreasonable behavior.’ Her then-husband would stand at the foot of the bed, drop his pants, then bend over to step out of them, sit on the bed, then slide up when going to bed. She had noticed that after a couple of days, brown streaks would appear.”

Source: u/gilbmanoeuvrE72

“When she showed her husband ‘the evidence,’ he stated, ‘Those are scorch marks from ironing!’ She proceeded to remove said scorch marks with a damp cloth, saying, ‘Scorch marks do not wipe off!’ This brought some laughter in the court, especially when the gentleman admitted that he used only a small amount of toilet paper because his ‘poo was always hard and never runny.'”

#9 “A 46-year marriage ended because his old high school girlfriend was single again. I later learned that the guy married the old girlfriend the same day his divorce was finalized.”

Source: u/SquirrelMcPants

#10 “My dad was a divorce lawyer and had a client who wanted to divorce her husband for two reasons. The first being that he did not have enough hair on his chest and the second being because he didn’t drive fast enough.”

Source: u/Bodhi_ZA

“Keep in mind this was in the ’70s when chest hair was a bit more important.”

#11 “My colleague handled a case where money was not an issue, but the kids were…neither parent wanted them.”

Source: u/virtuallEeverywhere

#12 “A friend of mine got married when she was 19 just so she could drink at the bar. In Wisconsin, you can drink underage with a parent or spouse. Then when she turned 21, she got a divorce because she could now legally drink without him.”

Source: u/itslooseseal

“Seems like an easy in and out transaction, but oh no. The biggest item they fought over was the garage beer refrigerator. Go figure.”

#13 “My father’s best friend divorced his wife simply over her cooking.”

Source: u/Kratsas

“Every day, he would come home to amazing cooked meals. It turns out she couldn’t cook at all and was ordering food from different restaurants. She even went as far as dirtying pots and pans to make it look like she cooked all day. She got away with this for almost a year before he caught on. This was back in the day before you could check your bank statements online, and since she did all the billing, he didn’t notice how much money was missing that she was spending on takeout.”

#14 “My aunt had a case where the wife had glued all of the outdoor hoses together so her husband wouldn’t spend more time washing his vehicle. When the glue didn’t work, she just cut it. When he got a new one, she filed for divorce.”

Source: u/amazinglymorgan

#15 “A colleague of mine had this client a few years ago who filed for divorce because his wife used to hang her panties on the shower handle after washing them.”

Source: u/Mezorick

“They had several fights about it, which culminated in a relatively costly divorce.”

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