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“Hey… I’m Right Behind You”. This Wildlife Photographer Doesn’t Notice A Wild Stag Behind Him

Each wildlife photographer desires to capture unique moments of wild animals. This requires a lot of patience and of course, depends partly on their luck. However, some unintentionally miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They don’t realize the existence of the animal near them until they disappear into the bush.

This wildlife photographer is among the unlucky ones. He was photographing at Bushy Park, west London. He had his camera lens facing the wrong way when a wild stag popping up right behind him. The “sneaky” animal even didn’t give the man any clue although it stayed there for a few minutes. “Psst…….I’m right behind you! but you just miss it”.

Image source: Roger Clark

If the photographer had turned around just a second, he would have had an incredible encounter with the wild stag. He didn’t notice the presence of the red deer. It was not a perfect day to work with his lens!

Interestingly, Roger Clark, a keen wildlife photographer nearby captured those incredible moments into his camera. Both the man and the wild tag appeared in his shoot.

Image source: Roger Clark

“We spotted a man with a camera mounted on a tripod intently focused on some deer activity in the ferns in front of him unaware of the large animal behind him,” said Roger.

He added: “Given the angle, I was positioned, it looked like the stag was nuzzled up to pick a pocket from his jeans so I took a photo as it looked comical.”

H/T: Mail Online

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